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is a Singapore brand of advanced wellness solutions with a focus on preventive care. Founded on 10 Aug 2007, avita is distributed Asia-wide by independent distributors based on the avita network marketing business model. Scent'al World is the largest network of avita distributors complete with distributor training and support capabilities. The official website for avita is



Cellular regeneration offers transformative benefits in repair and renewal of our body at the cellular level. avita cell therapy range of products help to slow down our aging, speed up recovery, improve immunity and prevent degenerative diseases. avita has 4 products in the cell therapy range:

Celergen Swiss Marine Cell Therapy SupplementCelergen Swiss Marine Cell Therapy Supplement

Celergen Swiss Marine Cell Therapy Supplement is potently formulated with Marine DNA Cellular Extracts for supreme rejuvenative, regenerative and anti oxidant properties. Made in Switzerland, Celergen is able to awaken dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating the growth, activity of existing tissues and the repairing and regeneration of old and malfunctioning cells.

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Celergen Serum RoyaleCelergen Serum Royale

Celergen Serum Royale is an advance anti-aging serum that offers cell regeneration directly on facial skin, boosting collagen sythesis, aiding repair to damaged skin. Made in Switzerland, Celergen Serum Royale will give you a healthy and more youthful complexion.

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Natural Growth Factors (NGF)Natural Growth Factors (NGF)

NGF is a specialised supplement for repair and regeneration of our nerve cells, thereby safeguarding the health of our autonomic nervous system. Made in New Zealand, it is a synergistic formulation of Natural Growth Factors from Premium Bird Nest Extracts.

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Matrixcell bio-modifying creamMatrixcell

Matrixcell is a bio-modifying cream that is scientifically proven to stabilize the breast extracellular matrix for breast cancer prevention. Made in the USA, its synergistic formulation of all natural ingredients has superior anti-nflammation property, its transdermal orthomolecular mechanism ensures supreme absorption and it is of pharmaceutical grade quality.

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avita herbal essential oilsMERIDIAN THERAPY

For 3000 years, the use of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine is time-tested. With modern biotechnology, avita has captured the healing properties of herbs into essential oils for for health enhancement and prevention of illness.

We founded the Meridian 101 D.I.Y. self-healing acupressure and guasha workshop series under essentiallyMERIDIAN to promote meridian therapy and educate on the simple and effective uses of this herbal essential oil series.

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ARÔME Diffuser utilizes “Bernoulli's Law of Hydrodynamics” with the concept of oscillating gas atomization to effectively vaporize pure essential oils into millions of micro-particles. These particles are released into the atmosphere at a rapid speed, transforming them into highly-concentrated anions through friction with atmospheric particles. As such, they neutralize the harmful positive agents found in our environment, effectively purifying the air and killing germs. In the meantime, the aroma of avita’s pure essential oils fill the room with a light fragrance - you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and in better spirits.

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avita’s Nutrition care is your 24/7 nutritional specialist. Our products contain nutrients that are specially selected and most needed by your body, providing you optimum health results. Your body’s needs for nutrition and healthcare will be well taken care of. While boosting your nutrient levels, don’t forget to maintain a regular lifestyle with moderate exercise, adequate intake of water and a well-balanced diet.

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Lifebiotics II probiotics

Lifebiotics +

LifeBiotics + contains 12 billion probiotics per sachet, providing a good source of nutrient for the beneficial bacterial in the intestines. In addition, collagen, calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 are added in the formula to help increase collagen intake which improves skin elasticity, replenish calcium intake and enhance skeletal health.

Vita 18 enzyme drink


Vita 18 is a potent supplement Enzyme concentrate, which is formulated with a powerhouse combination of synergistic abundance of enzymes, extracted from 48 carefully selected fresh fruits and vegetables and a program of probiotics.



Pure Secrets intensive hydrating infusion

Pure Secrets

Regardless of your skincare regime, the need for a moisturizing hydrating infusion is universal. Formulated with patented anti-aging science and researched and developed in Japan, avita’s Pure Secrets brings you “5 Magical Secrets” that help moisturize, hydrate, brighten, prevent and correct the visible signs of aging.

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Botanique Series

Botanique Series

Reverse the effects of environmental damage on your skin with avita’s latest Botanique Series of shampoo, bath oil and facial wash. Inspired by Nature, each Botanique product is enriched with botanical essence to pamper your body, mind and senses with a transformative whole body wellness experience.

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For the complete listing of avita products and company info, please visit avita's official website


Customers' Testimonials




NGF (Natural Growth Factors)
A Natural Way to Support Our Autonomic Nervous System and Enhance Our Immunity

Relief for Nocturia (excessive urination at night)
James Woon, Singapore (2018)

My name is James, I’m 58 years old. I used to wake up in the middle of every night to pass urine. Doctor told me it was part of aging. Then I was introduced to Celergen and NGF in June 2018. With just a month of taking Celergen and NGF, it stopped my problem of excessive urination at night and thus I enjoyed a better restful sleep every night. I'm thankful to Celergen and NGF for solving my problem through cellular regeneration. I now give Celergen to my mother to delay any deterioration of her health due to aging.


Relief for Nerve-related Back Pain
Nancy Chia, Singapore (2018)

One of my office’s 69 years old cleaner could not stand straight, had to lean on a wall due to severe back pain. She had sought all kinds of treatment, like getting injection from the hospital which only last 3 months, and acupuncture. She had fits when she was 14 and often felt that her brain is pressed against her skull when walking. After consuming a box of NGF, she could cook a full meal without having to sit down and rest multiple times. 3 weeks later, after 2nd box of NGF, her pain had reduced by 80% and could sleep better. A follow-up in June 2018 showed that she no longer have any pain.


NGF Turned Around My Mom's Health
Liza Chia, Singapore (2017)

My mom's health took a dip in 2017. She was physically weak and depressed, her speech deteriorated into a mumble and was hardly audible. She would walk leaning on the maid, dragging her feet during our weekend marketing trips. She could not even lift her left leg to get into the car. I was very worried.

Upon learning that NGF is able to help improve the nerve cells, I started my mom on NGF on 5th Dec. Miraculously on subsequent weekly marketing trips, I witnessed BIG improvement in her walking. In fact, she began to walk on her own without leaning on the maid. Then her speech becomes clearer and I'm able to hold a decent conversation like old times. Even her left eye seems to recover quicker from the cataract operation done on 5th Dec. Also, her mood is better. There was no change in my mom’s daily routine in Dec. The only change was that I started her on NGF. Since then, my mom is happy with the increased strength in her legs and religiously takes her NGF without reminder. Now she will tell me when she runs out of NGF.


Matrixcell Bio Modifying Cream
Anti-inflammation at cellular level for breast cancer prevention and pain management

Relief for Breast Calcification and Pains
Nancy Chia, Singapore (2018)

I am a happy user of Matrixcell as it not only benefited myself, it had also been of help to many around me. Matrixcell and Farnesol Magnolia (FM) Herbal Essential Oil have super anti-inflammatory property and can be used to effectively treat swelling and pain. I first started using Matrixcell with FM on a lump on my thigh, it shrunk in size after 30 days. After proving that it worked on my thigh, I applied it on my breasts as I had breast calcifications. I went for ultrasound 2 months later and the result showed that the calcifications had gone away. For some time, I had very dark mark under my breasts, along my bra line, I used a combination of Matrixcell and Forsythia Herbal Essential Oil on the mark, it faded significantly after 6 months. On 20 Jan 2017, I fell in the office and used my right hand to break my fall. I injured my wrist and both my hand and wrist were swollen.  It caused the great pain in my hand that I couldn’t even hold a pen. I applied a lot of Matrixcell and FM, after 3 days, I was much better and could bake my Chinese New Year cookies.  A colleague of mine fell 3 times in a year, injuring her arm such that she was unable to lift up her arm or buckle her bra. Application of Matrixcell and FM had helped her recover.  I also look after people around me by doing Meridian 101 Guasha using a combination of Matrixcell and avita TCM Essential Oils, this had proven to work for my daughter when she had numbness in her face. A cleaner in my office who couldn’t lift her right arm for some time, could do so immediately after Guasha. A visitor to the office accidentally bumped her forehead against the wall and gotten a nasty swollen bruise. Application of Matrixcell and FM on the bruised forehead got rid of the pain. Doing facial guasha with Matrixcell and oils could also stop eye twitching for my daughter. Application of Matrixcell with FM also helps recovery of injury like falls, my brother fell and recovered after its use; treat hives; and helps stop bleeding of my nose ridge when I cut myself.


Relief for Chronic Back Pains
James Woon, Singapore (2018)

My name is James, I’m a 58 years old retiree. I have long been suffering from chronic lower back pain. I couldn't sit for longer than 15mins, I would have to stand up to stretch and move about, sometimes even lie down, to ease my pain. On 10th July 2018, I attended a talk on Matrixcell at avita which provided me a detailed understanding on what Matrixcell can do. I bought a tube and used it diligently on my back. After a week of usage, I doscovered I could sit through a 2-hour seminar without feeling any pain. I can now also play golf, all 18 holes without pain, unlike before when the pain would stop my golf game after just 9 holes. Matrixcell is truly amazing, it gave me back a quality of life in which I can enjoy golf and sit for longer period without suffering from backache.



Meridian Herbal Essential Oils
A Natural Way to Boost the Circulation of Qi and Blood in our Meridian System

Janet from Ipoh, MalayisaSaved From The Brink Of Death
Janet Foo, Ipoh, Malaysia

I went for an operation to remove gall stones in Jul 2007. After a week, I fell ill, had cold sweat and my blood pressure shot up to 190. The doctor could not determine the cause of my illness. I went into coma and was referred to a liver specialist. By then, bacteria infection had infected my lungs. My kidneys were also affected and my liver index shot to 3000 (normal being 7-40). The specialist predicted I had only 2 hours to live!

The doctor then recommended trying TCM meridian massage as the last resort for me. As he had some knowledge of TCM, he advised massaging on important acupressure points such as ‘San Yin Jiao’ and ‘Zhu San Li’. But he did not know of any effective ointment. Incidentally, my close friends were trained in Meridian 101 and immediately did massage me with avita herbal meridian oils: Masculine, Forsythia Detox, Vital Meridian, and Huo Xiang. And it worked!

I had literally cheated death. My condition started to gradually improve. My shrunk muscles got better and my liver index returned to normal. The doctor at first said I would need kidney dialysis as my kidneys were 75% bad. With persistence, my kidneys strengthened with application of meridian acupressure massage with avita herbal essential oils. I was spared of the painful and expensive dialysis treatment.

I’m forever grateful to Meridian 101 acupressure therapy and avita herbal essential oils for saving my life at a point when western doctors gave up on me.


Lady GloriaRelief of My Aching Stiff Neck of 6 Years with Meridian Guasha
Lady Gloria Clayton 70+, Perth, Australia

For 6 years, I have been having difficulties in moving my head from side to side, due to my osteoporosis condition. Over the years, I've tried many different kinds of orthodox and alternative medical treatments but my condition showed no signs of improvements. I was told that I would have to live with it and I actually accepted the advice.

Until one evening while I was in Singapore, I attended a Meridian 101 workshop. During the session, I volunteered myself for a demonstration by the workshop speaker, Ms Theingi. Though it seemed like just a simple massage using the buffalo bone guasha board with Vital Meridian herbal essential oils on the neck and shoulder, I could feel the effects almost immediately! For the first time in years, I was able to move my head freely without any pain! And the relief has continued till today.


Tan Swee HeeRelief for My Gastric and Bloated Stomach with HuoXiang
Tan Swee Hee 72, Singapore

I'm 72 and have had gastric discomfort and pain for the last 50 years! Whenever the gastric attack came, I would pop pills to stop the pain. This had been carrying on for years. A related problem was my stomach - which was always bloated and contained lots of "winds". I felt uncomfortable throughout the day and it badly affected my appetite.

Then my sons, Joey and Edward, taught me Meridian 101 acupressure massage with herbal essential oils. I diligently massage the HuoXiang herbal essential oils, twice daily, on my stomach, "Zu San Li" and "San Yin Jiao" acupoints. Amazingly, in less than one month, the gastric pain no longer occurred! And the "winds" that used to stay stubbornly in my stomach are now gone. I feel better now at 72 than ten years ago! All thanks to Meridian 101.


Moy FahAngelica Ardent Solves My Menstrual Problem
Chun Moy Fah, Ipoh, Malaysia

I used to suffer from non-stop menstrual flow whenever my periods arrived. Doctors could not diagnose the cause and attributed it to hormonal imbalance. Both my elder sisters have had their wombs removed because of similar problems. It became a worrisome thought that my turn would eventually come to live the same fate.

I was fortunate to have chanced upon the Meridian 101 course where I learnt acupressure self-healing techniques.  I began massaging my womb area with the Angelica Ardent herbal oil everyday except for during my menstrual period. Miraculously, my period has returned to normalcy since and I also no longer suffer painful menstrual cramps.


Kuniko WallRelief for My Daughter's High Fever
Kuniko Wall, Japan

I would like to share my experience with using avita Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil, which was introduced to me by my friend, Yukie Nawano, who is also my daughter's piano teacher.

One late night, my 8-year old daughter woke me up complaining about being unwell and having a headache. I found she was having a fever of 39 degree C. As a mother, having a child with illness in the middle of the night is a most anxious time. But I was calm and started massaging my daughter's DaZhui acupressure point with Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil. I also apply Magnolia oil to her chest and TaiYang acupressure point. In addition, I diffuse avita Eucalyptus essential oil for inhalation.

Within 15 minutes, my daughter was looking restful; and within 30 minutes, her temperature had gone down to 37 degree C. As such, I decided not to take her to the A&E. By the next afternoon, her temperature had become normal. I was quite amazed and became very confident of Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil.

The same experience also happened to myself. Whenever I'm feeling tired, my body is warm or that I'd caught a cold, I would just repeat the steps I did on my daughters. By the next day, my condition would certainly have improved.

Magnolia oil has become our household magical oil and we take it with us wherever we go, especially on vacation. I strongly recommend having a bottle of Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil in any family with children.

Tom SarkRelief for My Sister's Depression and Insomnia
Tom Sark, Ipoh, Malaysia

My elder sister, Ying Peng (39), has been suffering from severed depression and insomnia since 1999. Despite seeking numerous treatments and having been prescribed anti-depressant and sleeping pills by doctors, her condition did not improve. The sleeping pills caused her heart to palpitate. Her poor sleep quality stiffened her shoulder muscles and severely weakened her arms.

After learning Meridian 101 about a year ago, I applied acupressure massage and guasha her meridians with a mixture of Vital Meridian with Forsythia, Magnolia, Angelica Ardent, Masculine and Nepenthe herbal oils in equal portions. Her insomnia condition improved with the use of Nepenthe herbal oil on her heart meridian. And amazingly, her limp condition improved after just 30 minutes of guasha. Today, Ying Peng no longer needs to rely on sleeping pills and is gradually on the road to recovery.


Realizing My Dream of Motherhood
Ms Phalada Techasamran 31, Thailand

Twice, I miscarried. Just a month after 6 blissful months as a newly-wed, I lost my baby. Following the misfortune, my menstrual cycle became erratic for a while before stabilizing after I took Chinese medication.

With renewed faith, I held on to the hope that my next pregnancy would be successful. Two years later, I became pregnant again. But sadly, I suffered a miscarriage two months into the pregnancy once more. Knowing I had twins at that time totally devastated me.

Later I was diagnosed to have a hormone disorder. My doctor’s advice was to take hormone pills to balance my hormone levels to increase my chances of pregnancy. As I started pill-popping, I became stressed and worried about side effects. It was during that time that I went for a Meridian check-up and discovered that my kidney were weak and if the condition persisted, it would be impossible for me to conceive. I was advised to use 2 drops of avita Angelica Herbal Oil and 5 drops of Vital Meridian Essence to massage my back (near the kidneys) in a downward motion, as well as my lower abdomen in a circular clockwise motion twice a day.

Since then I felt that my health has improved greatly. I no longer catch colds easily and I can sleep soundly at night. With better health, things could only look better for me. The miracle that I wished for happened two months later - my third pregnancy. It was smooth sailing this time and I gave birth to a healthy 3.6kg baby boy. I will not forget how the turnaround in health has played an important role in making my dream to be a mother comes true.



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