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Avita combines ancient wisdom in wellness with advanced bio-technology to create a suite of natural products for anti-aging and preventive healthcare. Our products are made from natural ingredients and botanical essences, and subject to extensive safety testing and quality assurance check. Based in Singapore, we distribute Avita products worldwide, and continually seek partnership for expansion.


Meridian Herbal Essential Oils by AvitaMERIDIAN HERBAL ESSENTIAL OILS

Time-tested and proven over 2500 years, the application of meridian herbal essential oils is simple and effective for health enhancement and prevention of illness through our unique Meridian 101 D.I.Y. self-healing acupressure and guasha massage. Always works, simply.

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Nutraceuticals by AvitaNUTRACEUTICALS

Blending the best of the East and West, Avita's range of Nutraceuticals fortifies our inner body critical functions such as detoxification, metabolism and intestinal health. The Nutrabiotics enzyme concentrate nutrition drink is vitality-boosting and memory-enhancing. Second to none.

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Aromatherapy by AvitaAROMATHERAPY

Best and safest technology for diffusing plant essential oils into our indoor living space. Breathe plant-enriched, healthful and germ-free 'forest air' for immunity enhancement, therapeutic benefits, mood management and prevention of infection. Forest freshness.

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> CELERGEN - the first and only Swiss marine cell therapy supplement


Celergen helps my eyes and 'trigger' fingers

“I’m a diabetic and my eyes were often tired after taking the diabetic drugs. After trying Celergen for just 5 days, I feel quite a distinct improvement in my eyes. The tiredness is gone and I also experienced more energy and vitality. Also, I have this symptom called ‘trigger finger’ – in which my fingers are stiff and not able to bend easily. After consuming Celergen, in conjunction with massaging with the Avita’s Magnolia and Masculine Herbal Essential Oils, I feel my fingers have become more flexible. It has got to be Celergen!"
- Francis Wong, Singapore

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My biological age is now only 29!

"Since I started consuming Celergen, my face feels tighter and there are less wrinkles lines. Hair growth has also been enhanced with lesser white hair. I take measurement of my biological age at the clinic periodically and my reading used to be 35 years old. Amazingly, after consuming Celergen for one month, my biological age improved to 29 years old! I feel very energetic now."
- 木素珍 55, Japan

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Relief for my gastric and bloated stomach with HuoXiang herbal oil

"I'm 72 and have had gastric discomfort and pain for the last 50 years! Whenever the gastric attack came, I would pop pills to stop the pain. This had been carrying on for years. A related problem was my stomach - which was always bloated and contained lots of "winds". I felt uncomfortable throughout the day and it badly affected my appetite. Then my sons, Joey and Edward, taught me Meridian 101 acupressure massage with herbal essential oils. I diligently massage the HuoXiang herbal essential oils, twice daily, on my stomach, "Zu San Li" and "San Yin Jiao" acupoints. Amazingly, in less than one month, the gastric pain no longer occurred! And the "winds" that used to stay stubbornly in my stomach are now gone. I feel better now at 72 than ten years ago! All thanks to Meridian 101."
- Tan Swee Hee, Singapore

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