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PRODUCTS: Meridian Herbal Essential Oils


Meridian Therapy is based on over 2500 years of Traditional Chinese Medical science. It features a unique range of herbal essential oils extracted from oriental herbs, with advanced biotechnology R&D.

Meridians are pathways in our body through which vital energy (Qi) flows, connecting all our organs. From TCM perspective, whenever there is a blockage along any of our meridians, there will be a disruption to the flow and balance of our vital energy and thus we become ill.

With Avita's Meridian Herbal Essential Oils, it is so easy to care for your meridian system through acupressure massage and guasha stimulation. You will ensure a smooth and harmonious flow of energy to stay in the peak of health and to prevent illness. We call it simply "Use the right oils, on the right points, get the right joy!"



Precious oriental herbs such as Magnolia, Forsythia, Angelica and Patchouli are biotechnologically extracted and synergistically blended based on TCM formulation for superior preventive healthcare in a Do-It-Yourself manner. Each herbal essential oil is tuned to specific meridians on our body.

Meridian 101 is the easy-to-learn D.I.Y. acupressure and guasha massage technique that we promote through an experiential workshop format. We train Meridian 101 speakers and ambassadors for our outreach program to educate the community in this simple and effective self-healing technique. More about Meridian 101 workshop and educational programs at essentiallyMERIDIAN, the specialised meridian therapy training division of Scent'al World.



Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil
(For Lung + Large Intestine Meridians)

Ability to act as an astringent, protect the mucous membrane, aid in blood circulation, enhance the absorption of secretions, combat bacteria and viruses, help to stabalize blood pressure, prevent allergies and asthma, as well as relieve and resolve pathological changes in the mucous membranes.

Main Ingredients: Magnolia, Eucalyptus, Pepper Mint

Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil

Nepenthe Herbal Essential Oil
(For Heart + Small Intestine Meridians)

Helps one to relax, thanks to its main herbal ingredient – valerian, which is well-known as the natural sleeping pill. Valerian has been used for its emotionally-calming and spiritually-purifying properties. It has also been widely used to relax tensed muscles, stress and regulate sleep.

Main Ingredients: Valerian, Lavender

Nepenthe Herbal Essential Oil

Forsythia Detox Herbal Essential Oil
(For Liver + Gall Bladder Meridians)

The orchid, otherwise known as forsythia, has long been used for effective detoxification and germicidal treatment. Besides reducing acne and scars, it also has anti-inflammatory effects. When used for daily healthcare, it can greatly improve liver functions.

Main Ingredients: Forsythia, Tea Tree, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil

Forsythia Herbal Essential Oil

HuoXiang Herbal Essential Oil
(For Stomach + Spleen Meridians)

In Chinese medicine, the stomach is seen as the primary source of our vital energy. HuoXiang essential oil regulates stomach functions, soothes tired feet, facilitates circulation of vital energy in the spleen and stomach meridian and improves appetite.

Main Ingredients: Patchouli, Perilla, Peppermint, Mandarin, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil

HuoXiang Herbal Essential Oil

Angelica Ardent Herbal Essential Oil
(For Kidney + Bladder Meridians)

Functions in blood circulation and mood enhancement, a regulatory and stamina-enhancing essential for women is thus developed. Angelica Ardent essential oil is the ideal healthcare companion for the modern women.

Main Ingredients: Dang Gui, Szechwan Lovage, Davana, Evening Primrose Oil, Jojoba Oil

Angelica Ardent Herbal Essential Oil

Masculine Herbal Essential Oil
(For Kidney + Bladder Meridians)

Help men vitalise their meridians and enhance their masculinity. Besides healthcare and stamina enhancement, Masculine Herbal essential oil also helps to rekindle the romantic sparks between couples, paving the way for blissful love.

Main Ingredients: Szechwan Lovage, Juniper, Hinoki, Jojoba Oil

Masculine Herbal Essential Oil

Vital Meridian Essence
(For all meridians and used as a base oil)

This is a base oil formulated with a blend of over 20 different kinds of precious herbs. When used individually, it promotes blood and vital energy (qi) circulation through all the meridians. When used with other specific herbal essential oils, it can lead the oils to work more quickly into the meridians and multiply their potency, for health recuperation.

Main Ingredients: Szechuan Lovage, Argy Wormwood Leaf, Sweet Almond Oil, Ginger Blended, Wheat Germ Oil

Vital Meridian Essence



Contact us to sign up for our next Meridian 101 Workshop to learn hands-on meridian acupressure and massage therapy, and the application of the various herbal essential oils.

Click to read testimonials of Meridian Therapy users.



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Angelica Ardent solved my menstrual problem

“I used to suffer from non-stop menstrual flow whenever my periods arrived. Doctors could not diagnose the cause and attributed it to hormonal imbalance. Both my elder sisters have had their wombs removed because of similar problems. It became a worrisome thought that my turn would eventually come to live the same fate.

I was fortunate to have chanced upon the Meridian 101 course where I learnt acupressure self-healing techniques.  I began massaging my womb area with the Angelica Ardent herbal oil everyday except for during my menstrual period. Miraculously, my period has returned to normalcy since and I also no longer suffer painful menstrual cramps."
- Moy Fah, Ipoh, Malaysia

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Magnolia relieves my daughter's high fever

"Within 15 minutes, my daughter was looking restful; and within 30 minutes, her temperature had gone down to 37 degree C. As such, I decided not to take her to the A&E. By the next afternoon, her temperature had become normal. I was quite amazed and became very confident of Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil. The same experience also happened to myself. Whenever I'm feeling tired, my body is warm or that I'd caught a cold, I would just repeat the steps I did on my daughters. By the next day, my condition would certainly have improved. Magnolia oil has become our household magical oil and we take it with us wherever we go, especially on vacation. I strongly recommend having a bottle of Magnolia Herbal Essential Oil in any family with children."
- Kuniko, Japan

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Relief for My Gastric and Bloated Stomach with HuoXiang

"I'm 72 and have had gastric discomfort and pain for the last 50 years! Whenever the gastric attack came, I would pop pills to stop the pain. This had been carrying on for years. A related problem was my stomach - which was always bloated and contained lots of "winds". I felt uncomfortable throughout the day and it badly affected my appetite. Then my sons, Joey and Edward, taught me Meridian 101 acupressure massage with herbal essential oils. I diligently massage the HuoXiang herbal essential oils, twice daily, on my stomach, "Zu San Li" and "San Yin Jiao" acupoints. Amazingly, in less than one month, the gastric pain no longer occurred! And the "winds" that used to stay stubbornly in my stomach are now gone. I feel better now at 72 than ten years ago! All thanks to Meridian 101."
- Tan Swee Hee, Singapore

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