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The Avita's Nutraceuticals Series comprises enzyme nutrition concentrates, probiotics and natural fibre supplements to enhance our metabolism and detoxification systems, and to safeguard our intestinal health.



Nutrabiotics Codycep Power 660
Enzyme Nutrition Concentrate

  • NutrabioticsIncrease vitality
  • Improves vision
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Rich in anti-oxidants

Formulated with more than hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables, herbal plants and cordyceps sinensis; Cordyceps Power 660 undergoes 660 days of fermentation and is a potent enzyme concentrate with multiple comprehensive functionalities.

Nutrabiotics Ginko Polyphenol 640
Enzyme Nutrition Concentrate

  • Improves memory
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Improves skin and complexion
  • Improve kidney function and bone health
  • Rich in anti-oxidants

Formulated with ginkgo, plant collagen extracts, calcium lactate, polyphenols and anthocyanin in fruits and vegetables; Ginkgo Polyphenol 640 undergoes 640 days of fermentation and is rich in anti-oxidants, which can help improve blood circulation as well as enhance our skin and complexion.


Vita 18 Enzyme DrinkVita 18 Enzyme Health Drink
(35 fruits & vegetables in a bottle)

Vita 18 is a potent supplement enzyme concentrate formulated with a powerhouse combination of enzymes extracted from 35 carefully selected fresh fruits and vegetables and a program of probiotics. It is densely packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals within our body and it tastes terrific. Drinking Vita 18 daily will help to prevent cancer, repair damaged cells and energize your vitality.


Life BioticsLife Biotics
(Probiotics for Healthy Guts)

Life Biotics contains 6 billions lactic acid bacteria in a single sachet to aid our intestinal digestion and bring about a healthy environment in the intestines to curb the activities of harmful bacteria, reduce the production of toxic substances and aid in the synthesis and absoprtion of vitamin B. It employs a dual coating technology to protect the lactic acid bacteria so they are able to pass through the highly corrosive gastric acid and bile unharmed, before colonizing on the mucous lining of the intestinal membrane.

Main Ingredients: Yogurt powder, Fructo-Oligo-Saccharide, Lactose, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium breve, Strepococcus Thermophilus, Collagen, Vitamin D3, Pearl Oyster Shell Calcium.


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Celergen Helps My Eyes and 'Trigger' Fingers

“I’m a diabetic and my eyes were often tired after taking the diabetic drugs. After trying Celergen for just 5 days, I feel quite a distinct improvement in my eyes. The tiredness is gone and I also experienced more energy and vitality. Also, I have this symptom called ‘trigger finger’ – in which my fingers are stiff and not able to bend easily. After consuming Celergen, in conjunction with massaging with the Avita’s Magnolia and Masculine Herbal Essential Oils, I feel my fingers have become more flexible. It has got to be Celergen!"
- Francis Wong, Singapore

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My Biological Age is now only 29!

"Since I started consuming Celergen, my face feels tighter and there are less wrinkles lines. Hair growth has also been enhanced with lesser white hair. I take measurement of my biological age at the clinic periodically and my reading used to be 35 years old. Amazingly, after consuming Celergen for one month, my biological age improved to 29 years old! I feel very energetic now."
- 木素珍 55, Japan

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Relief for My Gastric and Bloated Stomach with HuoXiang

"I'm 72 and have had gastric discomfort and pain for the last 50 years! Whenever the gastric attack came, I would pop pills to stop the pain. This had been carrying on for years. A related problem was my stomach - which was always bloated and contained lots of "winds". I felt uncomfortable throughout the day and it badly affected my appetite. Then my sons, Joey and Edward, taught me Meridian 101 acupressure massage with herbal essential oils. I diligently massage the HuoXiang herbal essential oils, twice daily, on my stomach, "Zu San Li" and "San Yin Jiao" acupoints. Amazingly, in less than one month, the gastric pain no longer occurred! And the "winds" that used to stay stubbornly in my stomach are now gone. I feel better now at 72 than ten years ago! All thanks to Meridian 101."
- Tan Swee Hee, Singapore

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