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The Avita Pure Series is a range of true art de vivre devoted to illuminate your beauty. We bring together nature and research, based on the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. We create product formulas that are rich in natural active ingredients and essential oils, which are from nature and plant-based.

Enjoy our range of intensive hydrating infusion, makeup removals, facial wash, ultra rich creams, body wash and shampoo, offering your skin the secrets to preserve your youth, comfort and enhances the radiance and beauty of your complexion.



Avita Pure SecretsPure Secrets
Intensive Hydrating Infusion

Formulated with patented anti-aging science and researched and developed in Japan, avita’s Pure Secrets key ingredient is the “Hydro Elemental Complex.”

Enhances vitality of skin cells, replenishes moisture in your skin and locks it in. Lighten scars, eliminates reactive oxygen species and boosts cellular metabolism.


Avita Pure MysticPure Mystic
Swiss Alps Botanical Facial Wash

Extracted from a rare specimen of apples from the Swiss Alps, this superb facial wash is a revolutionary breakthrough. Rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, it triggers your skin cells to regenerate infinitely, revitalize and insure longevity of your skin cells.


Pure Luxe
Chamomile Rich Polishing Shower Gel

With natural ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe Vera, this shower gel will give you a refreshing and relaxing bathing experience. It has a soothing gentle formula that cleanses away oil, debris and impurities while enveloping your skin in fragrant aromas of essential Avita Pure Luxe & Coolplant extracts. SLES-free.

Pure Cool
Aloe Vera Daily Use Shampoo

Its soothing formula with aloe vera extracts is gentle enough for everyday use without damaging your hair. It cleanses your hair and scalp and is crafted for maintaining healthy and tangle-free hair. SLES-free.



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Celergen Helps My Eyes and 'Trigger' Fingers

“I’m a diabetic and my eyes were often tired after taking the diabetic drugs. After trying Celergen for just 5 days, I feel quite a distinct improvement in my eyes. The tiredness is gone and I also experienced more energy and vitality. Also, I have this symptom called ‘trigger finger’ – in which my fingers are stiff and not able to bend easily. After consuming Celergen, in conjunction with massaging with the Avita’s Magnolia and Masculine Herbal Essential Oils, I feel my fingers have become more flexible. It has got to be Celergen!"
- Francis Wong, Singapore

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My Biological Age is now only 29!

"Since I started consuming Celergen, my face feels tighter and there are less wrinkles lines. Hair growth has also been enhanced with lesser white hair. I take measurement of my biological age at the clinic periodically and my reading used to be 35 years old. Amazingly, after consuming Celergen for one month, my biological age improved to 29 years old! I feel very energetic now."
- 木素珍 55, Japan

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