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Celergen - Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Cell Therapy?

Cell Therapy is a potent treatment – traditionally administered via injection – which uses the administration of living cells to stimulate and heal the damaged and dying cells of an aging and/or unhealthy individual.

2. What is the difference between Stem Cell Therapy and Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is medical procedure which can only be administered, via injection, by qualified doctors. The procedure is customized to the medical needs of the patient and is known to be effective for Parkinson’s disease, down syndromes etc. Furthermore, Stem Cell Therapy involves the administration of healthy human stem cells as explained by the Mayo Clinic.

Cell Therapy, like Stem Cell Therapy, is the administration of healthy cells into the bloodstream – traditionally via injection. However, unlike Stem Cell Therapy, Cell Therapy uses the healthy cells and DNA of plants and animals instead of human cells. Cell therapy treats a wide variety of conditions as a result of whole body cellular rejuvenation. It could be best described as being cellular specific, rather than disease or symptom specific.

3. Is Cell Therapy safe?

Yes. The science of cell therapy is not a recent phenomenon. The use of Cell Therapy for medical enhancement goes back thousands of years. Modern-day live Cell Therapy achieved global credibility by Swiss doctors and scientists in the 1930’s who made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the technique of organ extraction and cell therapy. Due to its phenomenal success, Cell Therapy has achieved global prominence as an effective regenerative technique. Cell Therapy works on cell stimulation and renewal within your body and is non-invasive, therefore it is safe and harmless.



1. What is Celergen?

A natural cell therapy treatment, that uses marine-based cells and DNA to stimulate and heal the body’s dead and dying cells which contribute to the majority of our body’s diseases and/ or associated health conditions.

2. What are the benefits of Celergen?

Celergen has the potent power to achieve the following benefits by improving in:

  • Relief From Arthritic & Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Stamina & Energy
  • Mental Clarity & Heightened Cognitive Function
  • Circulation
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Healthier, More Radiant Looking Skin
  • UV Repair & Protection
  • Faster Post-Exercise Recovery
  • Increased Oxygen (VO2) Consumption During Exercise
  • Inflammation

3. Is Celergen an injection like other cell therapies?

No. That’s what makes Celergen unique and unlike other cell therapies. It’s enteric coated, soft-gel capsule ensures maximum absorption into the blood stream through the small intestine making it more cost effective then the typical injection and best of all – painless.

4. What type of capsule does Celergen come in?

Celergen comes in an enteric coated capsule designed to withstand the acids of the stomach, allowing it to bypass the stomach and move directly into the small intestine where the absorption rate into the blood stream is maximized.

5. How does Celergen absorb into the bloodstream?

Peptide Technology. The peptides contained in Celergen act as modes of transportation of Celergen’s main ingredients through the small intestinal wall and directly into the blood stream. These peptides are so effective, that Celergen has a minimum absorption rate of 97%.

6. How does Celergen know what area of my body to go to?

It’s your body – not Celergen – that determines where it’s needed most. Once absorbed, your body prioritizes and transports Celergen’s ingredients to the area of most need.

7. Are there any negative side effects with taking Celergen?

No. There are no negative side effects when taking Celergen.

8. Can I take Celergen with other Medications or Supplements?

Yes. There are no contraindications with taking Celergen along with other medications or supplements.

9. How many capsules come in a box of Celergen?

30 capsules come in a single box of Celergen.

10. How long does a single box of Celergen last?

Assuming you take one capsule daily, a box of Celergen is considered a 1-month supply.

11. What is the unique manufacturing process of Celergen in Switzerland?

Celergen is manufactured using Swiss Cold Process DNA Extraction Technology. This means that cell therapy technology is used in our DNA extraction, using proprietary photolytic enzymes know how. Our method can be distinguished from the standard manufacturing of supplements and vitamins because we do not apply ‘heat‘ in our manufacturing process, hence the term ‘ enzymatic cold ‘ process. As you know ‘heat‘ is a much cheaper version of processing will destroy every ingredient, therefore affecting the efficacy and potency of products.

12. Where is the source of the fish DNA extract? How do I know if it is not high in mercury?

The fish species comes from the deep ocean of France and it is of premium quality since the fish DNA that are extracted for Celergen has a specific official number from French Sanitation Approval number FR 62667123 and FR 62667125 in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament. The fish from the Pacific Ocean – China, Japan etc. are known for high levels of mercury, which means that the quality of this source is therefore less desirable.



1. How do I order Celergen?

ScentalWorld.comCelergen is sold through the Asia-wide network of avita distributors. avita is a Singapore-based network marketing company and our distribution network covers Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia. Trust only websites approved by avita with the "Celergen Authorised & Trusted Website" sign.

If you are not referred by any distributor, you may contact us and we'll have a local distributor get in touch with you.

2. Is Celergen sold through any online store in Asia?

No. We do not sell Celergen over any 3rd party online store. Any purchase of Celergen products from UNAUTHORIZED PROVIDERS over online stores VOIDS THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTY of that product. Because it is coming from an unauthorized 3rd party, we cannot guarantee whether it’s a genuine Celergen product or not and are not responsible for any defects in the products those unauthorized dealers deliver.

3. Is a prescription required to purchase Celergen?

No. Celergen is a pharmaceutical grade supplement, and is not considered a drug by the national health authorities. Therefore, a doctor’s prescription is not required for purchase.



1. When is the best time to take Celergen?

In the morning on empty stomach. We recommend that you take Celergen about 20 minutes before breakfast with a glass of water.

2. Should I take Celergen with food?

No. We recommend that you take Celergen on an empty stomach to ensure that the capsule passes through your stomach uninhibited and into your small intestine where it will receive maximum absorption into the blood stream.

3. Can I take Celergen with coffee?

No. We recommend that you don’t take Celergen with anything other than water. The enteric coating is meant to protect the ingredients in Celergen when it passes through the stomach and into the small intestine. You don’t want to risk taking it with anything that could potentially break down its enteric coating before it has had a chance to absorb into the blood stream.

4. What if I can't take Celergen in the morning?

That’s fine. If morning isn’t the best time for you to take Celergen, you may take it in the evening before you retire to bed or wait at least a half an hour prior to a meal. What’s most important is that your stomach is empty. As long as you allow enough time for your stomach to be empty, so that the capsule can pass through it and into the small intestine, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the most out of each softgel you take.

5. Can I cut the softgel in half to make it easier to swallow?

We recommend that you don’t do this otherwise it defeats the purpose of having an enteric coated capsule to protect the Celergen while it passes through the small intestine. If the capsule is broken or cut in half before it reaches your stomach, you’re likely not going to receive the maximum benefits that it has to offer because you’re decreasing the amount of Celergen that will enter your blood stream.

6. How many softgel can I take a day?

You can take up to 2 softgels daily and in some instances more if the condition you’re seeking to correct is serious. In fact, we recommend that customers with more serious conditions take 2 capsules daily for the first month to boost its effects and then cut back to one a day thereafter.

7. How long should I take Celergen?

Daily for at least 4 – 6 months. Celergen is a cellular treatment. Decades of cellular damage will not be repaired overnight. We recommend that to realize it’s full potential, Celergen needs to be a part of your daily health regimen for at least the above period of time.

8. I've taken Celergen for the recommended period of time, now what?

You may continue to take Celergen daily. Celergen not only acts as a cellular treatment, but as a preventative to oncoming cellular defectiveness as a result of the ageing process. Once the cells break down, so do the rest of the body. Cellular health is the foundation to overall, whole-body health and Celergen helps to maintain that.

9. Can I take Celergen with other medications or supplements.

Yes. There are no contraindications with Celergen and other medications or supplements.

10. Are there any negative side effects when taking Celergen?

No. There are no negative side effects when taking Celergen.

11. What are the initial effects when first taking Celergen?

The experience differs among individuals. Some will initially feel sleepy, some will experience high metabolic rate and will feel hungry. Some people will also experience constipation. Once our body starts adjusting to Celergen usually after 10 days, you will experience the outstanding benefits of Celergen.

12. Can I take more than 1 tablet a day?

Yes. In fact, to see more immediate results, or if you’re suffering from a serious condition, we recommend you take 2 softgels a day for at least the first month. After the first month you can cut back to 1 softgel a day thereafter if you choose, or continue to take 2 daily.

13. What if I become constipated when first taking Celergen?

This isn’t normal, but does happen on occasion and is not long term. Remember that Celergen is protein rich, and some individual bodies need time to adjust. Just be sure to drink a lot of water and you will feel better soon.



1. Is Celergen suitable for osteoporosis patients?

Celergen can help when it is combined with Calcitonin to delay bone mineralization.

2. Is Celergen suitable for cancer patients?

Celergen is not a drug, it is only a Food Supplement consumed to supplement a person’s daily nutrition. When taken with medication, ensure that there it is taken 4 hours apart. Celergen will help boost your metabolic rate, increase energy levels and improve your immunity system, extremely ideal for cancer patients.

3. Is Celergen suitable for leukemia patients?

Coenzyme Q10 is found to be deficient in patients with immune system cancers; therefore, Celergen can be and should be encouraged to be taken by leukemia patients. Melatonin supplement is the one that should NOT be taken by leukemia patients.

4. How does Celergen help diabetic patients?

GI shows how food affects the blood glucose response after a meal. Hydro MN peptide, one of the ingredients in Celergen acts as a glycemic index reducing peptide and balances blood sugar levels after meals as well as limit the post prandial glucose rise. Hence, it reduces the fluctuations in blood glucose and therefore lowers insulin demand.

5. Can Celergen help prevent cataract or glaucoma, or improve the above conditions?

Celergen helps to prevent cataract and macular degeneration. Both outdoor sunlight and indoor lighting induces oxidative stress and free radical damage, Lutein in Celergen helps to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays by filtering out the blue light. Lutein in Celergen also helps to prevent Glaucoma, which is a condition in which fluid pressure build up inside the eye, damaging the optic nerve. If this condition is left untreated, it will lead to permanent damage of the optic nerve, resulting in visual loss leading to blindness. Celergen will do more of prevention then improving the conditions of glaucoma or even cataract.

6. Does Celergen work like a Viagra?

Celergen encapsulates the transformative power of Cell Therapy to stimulate specific cells to boost blood circulation and enhance energy levels critical for sexual activities. However, Celergen, unlike Viagra is not a drug and does not have the negative side effects of Viagra. Some of the side effects of Viagra include temporary vision loss, migraine, chest pain, and shortness of breath, fainting and painful penis erection lasting 4 hours or longer.

7. I am a vegetarian, can I take Celergen?

The main source of protein is Fish, if this is acceptable to you.

8. Does Celergen contain any Placenta?

Celergen does not contain sheep or human placentas. Our main ingredient is fish DNA extracts. Through our research, it is evident that placenta can somehow affect one’s hormonal levels. If a potential consumer experience pathological hormonal levels, placenta laced supplements may have adverse effects. In addition, since placenta can affect hormonal levels, it is known that people with cancer or potentially may have cancer must not consume.

9. I have osteoporosis. Can Celergen help me in my recovery?

Celergen is better for prevention of osteoporosis. However, if taken with Calcitonin it can help to delay bone mineralization.

10. I have heart problems, can I take Celergen?

Yes. Celergen can help boost one’s energy, metabolic rate and blood circulation.

11. Can a 12 year old boy with dyslexia try Celergen?

I would like to stress that Celergen is merely a food supplement for the overall general wellbeing of one who consumes it and it does not in any way treat symptoms or cure any diseases. However, it must be taken at least 4 hours apart if customers are taking any other medications.

Patients with dyslexia cannot be cured by Celergen and I do not see any good reason for advising them to do so especially at the age of 12 only, even though it certainly does not do any harm to the child. The patient should be consulting the right doctor for his current situation as dyslexia is a learning disability and it is in need of urgent medical attention.

12. Can a 17 year old girl with low blood platelet try Celergen?

Patients with such auto -immune disease can take Celergen as a food supplement like anyone else but please bear in mind that it again does not cure such type of disease.

13. How does Celergen boost my sex drive and potency?

Based on the independent clinical studies on Celergen, it has shown that Celergen is able to energize, revitalize and improve moods and outlook of many of our clinical subjects.

Sexual impotency, is most of the time, a results of lack of energy and mood or optimism. Since Celergen can enhance these factors, most of our customers have reported an increase in sexual drive and potency. Unlike Viagra, which is a drug that increases blood supply to the male organ and causes 4 hours of erection for most cases, it has tremendous known adverse side effects and apparently some customers derive no pleasure from the experience because it does not alleviate the mood of the users.

14. Is Celergen safe for people over 80 years old? Will there be any side effects?

We do have customers more than 80 years of age taking Celergen; some of them even over 90 years old.

As Celergen is only a Food Supplement and the key ingredients are primarily Fish DNA Extracts, therefore the side effects are almost unheard of. Most of our customers above 80 experience improvement in energy levels and overall alleviation in moods. For those customers suffering from joint pains and osteoarthritis, the benefits are tremendous.

Usually for patients above 75 years old, we recommend 2 tablets a day. But for starters, they should take 1 tablet a day so that their body can adapt to Celergen and then increase to 2 for better results. For patients with chronic gastric problems, it is better to take Celergen after food. However, we do have many customers who are able to take Celergen before food (even though they experience chronic gastrointestinal problems), after 1 or 2 weeks of Celergen as the body adjusts to the supplement.

Last but not least, it is recommended that Celergen should be taken 4 hours apart from medication or drugs that the customers need to take. Preferably first thing in the morning before medication; otherwise 4 hours after medication.

15. Does Celergen have any hormonal ingredients like growth hormones?

Celergen has no growth hormones. Celergen’s main ingredient is Fish DNA Extract and therefore it does not affect one’s hormonal levels, unlike supplements that contain sheep or human placentas.

16. Does Celergen repair our body as a whole or for specific organs like the heart, pancreas, liver etc?

Celergen is only a Food Supplement and not a Cellular Therapy Injectable Treatment nor a Stem Cell Implantation; therefore we do not have specific technical literature on product results on organs – heart, liver etc.

We do have Independent Clinical Studies conducted in France, Pessac, on the key ingredients of Celergen, which showed significant results in the areas of improved energy levels, skin and complexion, osteoarthritis, mood elevation and other ailments of our clinical subjects.

Celergen encapsulates the concept of Cell Therapy in that it promotes cell renewal, resulting in rejuvenation and revitalization. Our proprietary fish DNA complex is extracted using Swiss Cold Extraction Technology thereby enhancing Celergen’s potency and effectiveness.

17. Will Celergen increase blood pressure in any way when cells rejuvenate?

Cell renewal is an ongoing process within our bodies since our conception and continues throughout our life, as old and weak cells are replaced by new ones. This process of renewal is critical to keep our body tissues and organ in optimum health and therefore it cannot cause an increase in blood pressure.

Celergen encapsulates the transformative power of cell renewal and therefore it can bring us positive benefits like enhancing our metabolic rate and increase blood “Circulation”. Once again, Celergen is a Food Supplement and therefore it cannot increase one’s blood pressure.

The terminology “Increased blood pressure” is more relevant to Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

Patients diagnosed with hypertension have in common a particular abnormality of the arteries: an increased resistance (stiffness or lack of elasticity) in the tiny arteries that are most distant from the heart (peripheral arteries or arterioles). The arterioles supply oxygen-containing blood and nutrients to all of the tissues of the body. The arterioles are connected by capillaries in the tissues to the veins (the venous system), which returns the blood to the heart and lungs.

Hypertension is usually associated with genetic factors, obesity, lack of exercise, overuse of salt, and aging. Inflammation also may play a role in hypertension. Celergen is not a drug and therefore it cannot cure hypertension but it can help prevent the clotting of arteries – useful as a prevention health supplement.

18. I just had a short follow-up with a friend who is taking Celergen. Her Vertigo problem re-surfaces after she takes around 10 soft gels. Her vertigo problems did not happen for a few years. So I am not sure whether she should continue.

The spinning feeling of the individual or her surroundings are both known as vertigo. Symptoms come and go for no apparent reason, even when traveling on a winding road can trigger symptoms of vertigo. A change in the sleeping position or a simple movement such as head tilt can also cause vertigo.

The resurfacing of vertigo cannot be due to Celergen. It is advisable that she goes for a trial and error approach i.e. take Celergen for a week and if her vertigo problem resurfaces, she can then stop Celergen. She can resume when she recovers. With this method we hope to convince her that her vertigo is definitely not due to Celergen.

19. I started Celergen for about a month and the right side under arm rib bone is painful, it took me about 10 days before the pain was gone. 3 days ago this pain came back again. Please advise.

Celergen cannot cause such pain because it is a Food Supplement. Celergen will “alert” the consumer about his/her health problems. It cannot create the pain but it can alert you as to the potential health problems that you may be having that you are not aware of.

My suggestion is that you persist with Celergen and I am optimistic that your pain will subside. I personally experience pain on my right heel on and off but after taking Celergen for about 2 months, the pain has gone. But sometimes when I over exercise, it comes back and then goes off again. The benefit about Celergen is that it does alleviate the pain and therefore the pain is “never permanent”. That is most important for me.

Sometimes our lifestyle impacts our overall wellbeing. The question to ask is that without Celergen, can our life be better? For me, it is better with Celergen than without it. Of course, Celergen does not solve all my health problems because it is not a drug or medicine. It is a health supplement.

20. I have finished 2 boxes of Celergen till today. I am 54 yrs old and I’m having this very sharp pain on my left toe and it seems even more painful every time I woke up in the morning. I also find it difficult to stand up after sitting for sometime – be it watching TV or sitting on my computer table. After taking the Celergen for 11 days, I noticed the sharp pain on my left toe has disappeared, but what I encounter now is a pain behind my heels…. and the joints on my left foot. …making it difficult for me to walk.

It is scientifically not possible that Celergen can transfer pain from one area of the body to another. It is also not possible that it will create problems as described in your email. Celergen is a food supplement aimed at improving you overall health and wellbeing. There are clinical studies to show that the ingredients helped various participants in the reduction of pain pertaining to rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation. However, as emphasized, it is more of prevention than cure and also the results vary among individuals.

I really empathize with your current problems and I recommend that you see a doctor with regard to your pain on your heels and your left toe fast. The sharpening pain may have been caused by crystal deposits surrounding the joints, toes etc. or what is commonly known as ‘ uric acid symptoms ‘. There are medications to be taken to control the pain and you will have to change your eating habits. The natural way of treating uric acid symptoms would be taking celery supplements that are available in any drug food store. Prolong untreated uric acid will ultimately lead to degeneration of the kidney.

21. Can we give this Celergen to people who are sick and on tube feeding? I hope Celergen can help 2 of the boys that I am currently helping since they are bed-ridden. I thought Celergen could be a breakthrough for them but how do I break open the casing and would it defeat the purpose of having it to go straight to the small intestine?

I have to emphasize once again that Celergen is a food supplement and even though we have extensive certifications and clinical studies, we really want to market it as a health supplement. Still, I really appreciate your confidence in Celergen.

Just for your information, some of our members literally breaks the casing and just consume the liquid gel encased on a daily basis.

To only ingest the contents of Celergen will yield results even though we could not extrapolate results from one person to the other. So, if a customer can ingest Celergen in its softgel form, please do so. Remember, for Celergen (liquid within the gel) will have to go through the stomach, which is acidic by nature. This will mean that we may not have the full absorption as compared to taking the whole softgel that will bypass the stomach and go through our intestines. If our body can absorb 50% of the contents why reduce it purposely to 10% unless due to unavoidable circumstances.

22. I had been diagnosed with Leaky Gut and currently have extensive delayed food allergies. I suspect I have Candida Isis that can be a cause for Leaky Gut. Can Celergen treat Candida? Also I’m taking Chinese medicine and have been advised to take Glutamine for the Leaky Gut. Are there contraindications with Celergen for my condition?

There are no contra indications when you take Celergen. However, it is important to remember that Celergen does not treat both the above conditions.

Please consult your doctors for your Candida (a condition of yeast overgrowth), as it must be treated properly and thoroughly. Once diagnosed and it’ll affect the functioning of your entire system. Avoiding sugar is a must as the consumption of sugar will only make it worse and if possible all the ‘whites’ i.e. white sugar, white flour, white rice (to be replaced by brown rice) etc.

As for leaky gut syndrome, it is an autointoxication process that is an integral part of many chronic conditions. When autointoxication occurs e.g. Constipation, then it’ll lead to the formation of toxic chemical and this in turn irritates the wall of the bowel, leading to the increased permeability to gut derived antigens, allowing them to leak through the gut into the circulation system. Because they are toxic to the system and causes inflammation, Celergen will help the above by strengthening the immune system and keep the condition mildly under control BUT does not treat the syndrome. Please avoid the food that is causing problem and a thorough detox program will be good besides adding enzymes and friendly bacteria to your daily regime.

23. After taking Celergen for about 3 months, my husband who is a diabetic patient on medication begins to feel giddy. Why is this so?

Celergen can help lower the glycemic index and therefore controlling the blood sugar level. Your husband’s diabetic condition has probably improved and he should consult a doctor and hopefully reduces his dependency on the diabetic medication.

24. Will I age rapidly once I stop Celergen?

Celergen is a food supplement with effective anti-aging properties. Stopping Celergen will not lead to a rapid decline in one’s overall health and not trigger rapid aging.

However, we have to bear in mind that we age every day and stopping Celergen will mean that we deprive our body the essential nutrients and antioxidants which can boost cell renewal and stimulation, hence delaying and slowing down aging aggressively.

25. When I first started on Celergen, I feel energetic but recently I feel tired and sleepy?

It is not uncommon to experience this. It means that you need to rest and your body is working on cell renewal. You will resume your energy level after proper rest. It is important to note that even though you may feel sleepy, it generally does not affect your energy level once you are awake because Celergen also regulates your sleeping patterns for a good night rest.

26. I am currently on an anti-hormonal drug called Tamoxifen, a drug that helps to reduce any tumor or cancerous cells, for my breast cancer. Can I still take Celergen?

Tamoxifen is a drug that discourages the binding of estrogen to its receptor and is commonly given to estrogen dependent breast cancer patients. Celergen acts by repairing and nourishing cells as well as enhancing our immune system so that we can fight against bacteria, virus and other microorganisms. So by taking Celergen, it will benefit you by

  1. Enhancing your immune system
  2. Repair your worn out cells after they have fought through a tough battle and nourish them with the right nutrients
  3. No allergic reactions would arise because Celergen is compatible with our system. Once ingested, macrophage (white blood cells) would not treat it as invaders.

27. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, can I take Celergen?

Celergen is primarily used for cell renewal and repair; therefore it is usually advised that cancer patients take Celergen after chemo. It is harmless to take Celergen before chemo except that the Swiss Coordinator thinks that it is a waste to do so if the person is going to go through chemo (which is a treatment that massively destroys the cells). She also advised that it is not necessary to take Celergen during chemo treatments because the benefits of Celergen cannot be optimized. It is harmless but then again maybe a waste.

28. Can I take Celergen if I’m taking growth hormone pills?

Yes. Growth hormone pills taken orally will have its limitations and the other option is by injections. There again, one can only inject at most one or two unites per day even though your body is almost depleting of growth hormones.

29. I am prescribed to take Prednisone (10mg pill) daily and Fluocinonide cream twice a day for Vitiligo. Can I still take Celergen?

For 10mg, there will certainly be no contraindication. However, we advise you to take Celergen 6 hours after Prednisone.

30. After taking Celergen for 6 months, my friend discovered that her fibroid doubled in size from 3cm to 6cm. Why is it so?

Fibroids are estrogen dependent. This means that even the intake of chicken or any other form of poultry will increase its size. Since Celergen is not placenta base, neither is it poultry, it cannot contribute to the enlargement of fibroids. By the way, the patient ought to be careful with her intake of food as her fibroid sounds like the aggressive type.

31. I have a genetic problem that forbids me to take any kind of hormone pills especially oestrogen due to a thrombosis problem and fibrocysts in my breasts. Can I still take Celergen?

Even though Celergen has many proven independent clinical studies and impressive worldwide accreditations, including approval by Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, it is not a “drug” or medicine. Celergen is a nutritional supplement aimed at improving overall wellbeing and has strong anti-aging properties.

I am sorry about your genetic problem. However, because Celergen is only a Food Supplement, it will not have adverse effects.

Celergen does not contain sheep or human placentas. Our main ingredient is Fish DNA Extract and therefore it does not affect one’s hormonal levels, unlike supplements that contain sheep or human placentas.

32. I have a hereditary clotting problem and my doctor advice that I not consume anything that increases blood clotting. As I have to fly frequently, my doctor has prescribed me Lovenox 0.4mg s.c to take before my flight. Should I stop taking Celergen on days that I’m on the anti-clotting agent injection?

According to our Swiss Coordinator, customers on Warfarin are allowed to take Celergen. However you should inform your doctor one week prior to any surgery. Likewise, Celergen is safe for consumption for this category of patients as long as Celergen is not taken at the same time with medication or drugs but taken at least 4 hours apart. They can also avoid taking Celergen on the day they had the anti-clotting agent injection, not because it is prohibited but rather to make them feel more at ease and comfortable.

33. I suffer from bilateral retinal atrophy from high myopia and I also have slight cataracts in both eyes. I have been prescribed Ocuvit with Lutien. How long do I have to take Celergen before I see any results?

A gentle reminder – Celergen is only a supplement and not a drug. Drugs are created with the specific intention to treat the symptoms of a particular illness or disease but not supplements.

Therefore it is not possible to specify how long you must take Celergen in order to recover because results vary among individuals. Some may see slight improvements but not full recovery.

Celergen encapsulates the concept of Cell Therapy by empowering our body with the Nutrients and Peptides to do Cell Repair and Renewal for our health. Based on the various Independent Celergen Clinical Studies conducted, some of our customers with e.g. knee pain, back pain benefited from Celergen and recovered in 3-10 days; others have to take Celergen for 3-6 months before they experience significant benefits. In some cases, the pain did not go away but the customers have experienced improvements in functional mobility and they are happy.

The results experienced by patients or customer differ depending on our body repair system and the time period of recovery will also differ. Lutein as an ingredient is known for preventing macular degeneration of the eyes and therefore Celergen will definitely be useful for your customer. In addition, she will still benefit from the overall improvement in health and its Anti-Aging properties.

We do have customers with eyes problems benefiting from Celergen but once again, the results differ from individuals. The symptoms of the illness may be similar but Celergen is positioned only for prevention, even though some of our customers are fortunate to have much “unexpected recovery surprises”.

My suggestion is that you persist taking Celergen up to 3 months and then decide if you want to continue. It is important to remember that Celergen is not positioned to cure diseases even though we do have clinical studies to show that some of the study subjects had significant improvements on various conditions like osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue, physical mobility etc.

34. A friend of mine suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a disease that causes individuals to ultimately lose the ability control all voluntary movement. Can Celergen help?

I am afraid that because there are no clinical studies to demonstrate that Celergen can help in this disease and therefore we can only say that Celergen can help in overall health and wellbeing.

35. My friend suffers from, Myelomalacia involving the Cervico-dorsal cord, a symptom that causes both legs to be invalid. Can Celergen help him?

Celergen is only a Food (Health) Supplement and not a drug; therefore the benefits and results experienced by our customers differ. With reference to your question, we can only share with you that some of our elderly patients who suffered from chronic osteoarthritis were able to walk without pain after taking Celergen for about 1 month and there were others who still have problems walking but have experienced an overall improvement in their wellbeing.

The results differ for different customers and this is consistent with our Independent Clinical Studies conducted in France, Pessac, which showed that out of 2960 clinical subjects (average age 61 years old), 21% of them were completely relieved of their pain after taking Celergen, 68.5% experienced partial pain relief and 83.6% experienced improvement in physical performance.

Unfortunately, we have no studies conducted specific to Myelomalacia conditions so far.

36. As I know that Celergen also contain collagen but I don’t know how much is the dose. If currently I'm already on collagen supplement 5300mg, is there any harm for me to take Celergen at the same time?

The collagen with Elastin dosage in Celergen is 230 mg. From your email, we were informed that you are taking a collagen supplement of 5300 mg; the key question is does this supplement come with Elastin?

For your information, there are different grades of collagen. The Peptide E collagen in Celergen is derived from premium quality fish extracts (French Sanitation Approval number FR 62667123 and FR 62667125 in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 of the European Parliament).

In addition collagen has to be combined with elastin in order for the product to be potent and effective. Last but not least, normal collagen are usually produced in huge molecules, which means that even if we take 10,000 mg of such collagen, the absorption will be compromised because our skin will not be able to absorbed.

The Peptide E Collagen in Celergen is the same ratio as our dermis and therefore we will be able to absorb the collagen and experience the benefits.

37. I suffered from stroke twice due to arterivenous malformation (AVM). After intensive physiotherapy I was able to recover from stroke. However, due to Gamma Knife Treatment that I underwent, the healthy tissue surrounding the AVM was affected rendering the left side of my body paralyzed again. I’m able to almost do everything a normal person can do, but I have little control over my left hand, including the fine motoric movement. I also suffer from grand mal epilepsy after my second stroke. After reading the Celergen website, I wonder if Celergen can regenerate brain cells and help me recover from my illness.

Thank you for your email. I am sorry about your struggles with your challenging health conditions but I must say that you seem positive and strong. That is wonderful.

Celergen is a food supplement and not a drug, even though it encapsulates the concept of cell renewal and repair, we cannot promise that it will work for specific conditions that we are trying to treat. However, according to the testimonies of many of our customers, there is overwhelming evidence to show that Celergen works like a effective nutritional supplement that triggers and stimulate cell repair, giving energy, mood elevation and overall physical mobility for patients suffering from metabolic ailments.

We had a customer who used to suffer from migraines and had to have Botox every 3 weeks to ease the muscle tension and pain but after taking Celergen, she does not need to go for Botox for almost 8 months now. We had another patient from UAE and he had serious arthritis and was not able to walk for a long time but after taking Celergen for about 3 months, he was able to walk without difficulty. I have to inform you that results vary according to individuals because nutritional supplement like Celergen acts as a trigger to stimulate your cells to repair damage areas that is provided your cells do the necessary work.

I would strongly recommend that you try Celergen because you really have nothing to lose here. Overall Celergen will still improve your health and provide potent nutrition to activate your body to create proteins, enzymes for your body. You should take 2 soft gels a day for about 3 months and monitor your overall condition. Please try to take it 4 hours apart from your other medication – preferably first thing in the morning before breakfast (if you have no gastric problems).

I am confident you will find your overall health situation including your mood and energy levels improving. If Celergen cannot help reverse your paralysis state, I do know doctors in Switzerland who does stem cell implantation in Switzerland and other parts of Asia who can hopefully provide better solutions for your problem. If you are interested, I can always recommend you to them for evaluation. By the way, most of the cell therapy doctors will recommend Celergen to their patients before and after the cell therapy treatment for maintenance.




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