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Fibromyalgia Sufferer Olly, Indonesia

Olly's health declined over 15 years due to Fibromyalgia, a disease of unknown cause and without a cure. Husband Angga shared how his wife's health started to turnaround in 2013 when he started her on Celergen. Olly is no longer bed-ridden and Celergen is helping her till today to strengthen her body and overall wellness.

"She felt like a new life in growing within her..." - Angga


Alan, Chong Meng & Noel, Singapore

"Celergen is good, after a month my knee pains are gone. I used to wear spectacles but now I don't need to anymore. Keep taking Celergen, you can't go wrong." - Alan (63)

"We now play golf 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, 18 holes, don't feel tire." - Chong Meng (66)


Margie Duavit, Philippines

"Celergen is really changing lives. I'm a living, walking and breathing testimony to the benefits of Celergen. It is helping many of my clients who are older. One of them who used to move about in wheelchair is now able to walk and travel around. Thanks to Celergen."


Linda Pun, 75, Singapore

"After taking Celergen, my eyesight has improved, I'm now full of energy and can go on long walks, and can cycle for longer distance. My complexion is more youthful now and everyone says I don't look like a 75 year old lady!

My son also benefited from Celergen. His vitality has improved and he is enjoying a healthy lifestyle. He also no longer has difficulty waking up every morning for work."


Dr Trinidad, Aesthetic Surgeon, Philippines

"In our practice of preventive wellness, we take care of a lot of factors - from nutrition to hormon to immunity and many others. To me, Celergen is the only supplement in the whole world that is able to take care of almost all aspects of life. This is because Celergen takes care of the basic unit of life - our cells. It is able to repair and regenerate our cells, and reverses our aging process."


Rini Sanyoto, Indonesia

"6 years ago in 2009, when I performed my Hajj at Mecca, I needed a wheelchair to go round the Ka'aba 7 times as it was a long distance of about 3km. I started taking Celergen exactly 1 year ago in Mar 2014. When I went on my Hajj again this year in Mar 2015, I was delighted that I was able to walk on my own for the entire ritual around the Ka'aba. I was in tears and thank God for bringing me Celergen, which gave me a new life."


Irene Chia, Singapore

"Celergen certainly has transformed my life for the better. I'm now healthier, more vibrant and feeling younger. Friends who I'd not seen for a while noticed the difference and asked how was it that I now am looking better with a glow. The product speaks for itself!"


Dr Razarena Soon, Cebu, Philippines

"I'm a retired pathologist. As a doctor, I was skeptical to begin with but Celergen amazed me through my personal positive experience. On the 8th day, it improved my trigger finger condition to the extent that I was able to fold my fingers without pain. It's a problem that I'd been suffering for a year and no medicine has been able to help me. Now, I'm convinced now and I'm ready to share with all my friends about Celergen."


Nena Gullas, Cebu, Philippines

"Celergen helped take away my pains of over 10 years. I'm pain-free now! Amazingly, my hair is no longer greying as much as before. Friends are noticing it too. Celergen is benefiting not just me but also my 80 year old husband. His incontinence condition has improved and he's very happy to be able to get back to his normal life. We are very glad to have known avita and Celergen, and we are telling our friends about it. This is the first time that I'm recommending product to my friends."


Emerito Tomada, Cebu, The Philippines

"Over the past 4 months of taking Celergen... no more asthma attack... no need for inhaler... my energy level is better.... my mood is better... Thank you. I would recommend to all Filipinos!"



Marlina Prasetyo, Indonesia

"Celergen is helping my whole family - my mother is looking more youthful and feeling more energetic, my aunty has stronger knees, my uncle's hair is gradually turning blacker, and I'm enjoying better vitality myself."



Mafi, Philippines

"The fact that Celergen is made in Switzerland with so many accreditations from there gave me tremendous confidence in its quality and efficacy. Celergen has improved my energy and vitality level. It has helped my father to improve his diabetic condition to the extent that doctor has stopped some of his maintenance drugs. My mother's macular degeneration condition has also improved. This is really a wonderful product by avita."




Benjie ReyesBenjie Reyes, Philippines

"Celergen makes me look young again by improving my skin texture. And my energy level is superb now! I love Celergen, and you should too!"


Jack RajamanickamJack Rajamanickam, 60, Singapore

"The timely introduction of Celergen to me when I had a massive fracture of my right collar bone, helped my healing process. Instead of gradual healing in 8-12 weeks predicted by my doctor, I healed within 4 weeks. My doctor was so surprised.

I started lifting and had a game of golf in the 5th week. There was no distortions or protrusions either, which is quite unusual for a collar bone fracture."


Chun GeokChun Geok, Singapore

"Thanks to Celergen, everyone can see the difference in me - my youthfulness, vitality and overall wellbeing. The 1st photo was taken in Aug 2013 just when I got started taking Celergen. The 2nd photo was taken 4 months later.

I'm most happy that Celergen transformed the life of my aging mother. She is looking younger and feeling healthier now at 90 than 2 years ago. Thank you, Celergen!"

Mdm Yeoh


David ChowDavid Chow 71, Indonesia

"Having taken Celergen for only 2 weeks, I have noticed the vast improvement in the amount of energy and stamina levels within me. My job requires me to constantly travel. I used to feel lethargic upon boarding a plane and constantly feel sleepy. Now after taking Celergen, I'm able to sleep 4 hours every night and I don't feel tired at all the next day. I'm surprised that I can sustain this high level of energy consecutively for 3-4 days when I am overseas. Thank you Celergen for allowing me to experience youth once again!"


Radhika SinghRadhika L Singh, 45, Australia

"My life fell apart when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was extremely trying because I was also suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis – a form of chronic inflammation of the spine and the tailbone area.

Due to the excruciating pain and stiffness in and around my spine, I was put on heavy medication daily. And then with Breast Cancer, I had to undergo surgery for my cancer cells and in addition commence on my Chemotherapy and Radiology sessions.

Though I was cleared of cancer, there wasn’t much to celebrate because my body was constantly in pain. Walking became a burden, getting out of bed became painful and my sleep was elusive as my entire body ached.

One day, a long lost friend introduced me this beautiful product that turned my life around. Since then, I have never stopped talking about Celergen.

After only 1 day of Celergen, I realized that I can go about my daily activities without feeling worn out. By day 3, all the aches and pain disappeared completely. It was incredible. Many who knew me were astounded. They were simply awed at my healing."


Lester TanLester Tan, Singapore

"This is simply amazing! Within a week after sustaining a scald from a baking oven on her arm, the wound was completely healed with just one application of burnt cream. I was impressed by the quick healing. Later we realized it was the consumption of Celergen for about 5 months that had accelerated the healing and to its original state.

My wife Jerina used to complain of fingers and joint pains and she suffered from stiffness and pains of the fingers every morning. She had problem doing laundry and daily housework. She was depressed over her worsening conditions and had sought medical help but to no improvement. She even had to purchase gloves that supposedly has healing effects but they did not help at all. After starting Celergen for a month, she felt improvements and told me that the pains and stiffness had reduced. I also see the effect and the improvement as she was able to complete her laundry and housework at normal pace. I am very happy for her and I myself has also started consuming Celergen."


FarizaFariza A.Jalil, 42, Malaysia

"After taking Celergen for only 20 days, my energy level has increased tremendously so much so that I can do 4 classes of Body Balance, Body Step, Pilates and Body Jam back to back! What is more astounding – No Muscle Ache!

After 30 days of Celergen, I realized that I can read and write without reading glasses. I even feel that my eyes appear to sparkle!

After 50 days, my alertness, focus and memory works excellently well for my dance classes.

Celergen also helps to improve my uneven skin tone, smoothens my skin and reduces my fine wrinkles. I am looking forward for more surprising, outstanding benefits of Celergen."


Francis WongFrancis Wong, Singapore

"I’m a diabetic and my eyes were often tired after taking the diabetic drugs. After trying Celergen for just 5 days, I feel quite a distinct improvement in my eyes. The tiredness is gone and I also experienced more energy and vitality.

Also, I have this symptom called ‘trigger finger’ – in which my fingers are stiff and not able to bend easily. After consuming Celergen, in conjunction with massaging with the Avita’s Magnolia and Masculine Herbal Essential Oils, I feel my fingers have become more flexible. It has got to be Celergen!"


木素珍木素珍 55, Japan

"Since I started consuming Celergen, my face feels tighter and there are less wrinkles lines. Hair growth has also been enhanced with lesser white hair.

I take measurement of my biological age at the clinic periodically and my reading used to be 35 years old. Amazingly, after consuming Celergen for 1 month, my biological age improved to 29 years old! I feel energetic now."


Ong Tee HoeOng Tee Hoe, 68, Singapore

"I had to stop driving due to a cornea abrasion from an unsuccessful cataract operation. It was terrible. After taking Celergen, I felt my vision improved. I consulted my eye surgeons and they confirmed my eye recovery is almost 90%. It's incredible!"


Mdm Ting, Punggol, Singapore

"For many years, I'd been seeking treatment for my high anxiety issue. Upon waking up, I would get very anxious and fearful and unable to get back to sleep. I always prefer natural solution to synthetic drugs. I came to know about cell therapy and how it can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. I tried Celergen and within a week, I enjoyed uninterrupted sleep and without fear.

Miss Theingi also taught me to do meridian massage on my 'shen men' and 'dan zhong' acupoints with Nepenthe herbal essential oil. I'm now into my second month of Celergen and I hope to get better and reduce my medication eventually."


Lupita JonesLupita Jones, Miss Mexico 1990 & Miss Universe 1991

"I’ve lead a very hectic and non-stop life since I became Miss Universe in 1991. I live in one of the biggest and most complicated cities in the world, Mexico City I’m a public figure and executive of one of the biggest communications companies in the world. I travel all the time and I’m always in interviews, meetings, photo shoots. I’m a mother, writer, spokesperson for different causes, and of course I have a personal life too.

I take Celergen every day and start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong, full of energy and with a great attitude to continue with my 'non-stop life'."


Aaron YoungerAaron Younger 39, Australia

"After taking Celergen for just 3 weeks, I've noticed the performance and stamina gains that I've been able to achieve. I lead a very active social life. I like to think that I'm relatively capable with the ladies and I want to be able to perform. To have that confidence to be able to keep people "happy" is really a very reassuring element for my sex life particularly at my age."


Rie LooRie Loo 43, Japan

"I'm not into supplements. By chance, a friend introduced Celergen to me. The only reason I decided to try was the fact that Celergen was researched and manufactured in Switzerland and was also clinically proven worldwide.

For the first 2-3 weeks, I didn't find any special change in me, maybe because I don't lead a hectic life or perhaps I've always been in relatively good condition. But one morning, when I was in front of the mirror, I found that my skin texture has become smoother.

Also, I found my skin looking brighter and my pores less visible. It was great pleasant surprise for a woman to see this amazing result out of a long list of other known benefits of Celergen."

Alex WongAlex Wong, 43, Engineer, Singapore

"My life was in a wretch for the past few years after I was diagnosed with diabetes. Coupled with that, my doctor also warned that I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Every day, I have to take numerous medicine to keep these three critical warning signs in control. I cannot carry out my duty as an engineer without interruptions.

My friend, Andrew, first introduced Celergen to me about 2 months ago and frankly speaking I was skeptical initially and also because it is not cheap. When my diabetic condition got worse, an example was the deterioration on my leg (first photo taken in Jan 2012), Andrew again asked me to try, for the sake of my health. To my total disbelief, my leg starts to heal rapidly and my doctor was even surprised that my blood pressure and cholesterol level have dropped considerably.

Now, my seniors and colleagues even chided me that I'm no longer the MC King in the office! ☺ Really thanks to Avita and the powerful business model behind it that also allows me to reduce the cost of my consumption greatly."


Shirlene SoonShirlene Soon, Singapore

"When I first started on Celergen, my objective was to reduce stress on the hectic lifestyle and improve my immune system. After 3 months of use, I'm impressed with the improvement to my skin complexion. Even my hubby also said that his skin complexion looks much better now.

Recently, I accidentally scalded my hand while baking over the oven and to my surprise, the recovery was very fast. I feel that my skin cells are back to when I was 20 years old again. Cheers to Celergen!"


Wang FurongWang Furong, 35, China

"After only 15 days of Celergen, I am able to sleep better and wake up feeling a lot fresher and more energized than ever before. The dizzy spells I used to experience have left me and as a result now, I am more efficient and effective at work.

Most importantly, Celergen helps to reduce the pain which I had experienced in my neck and back significantly.

I am happy now that as I take Celergen, I am able to experience a better quality of life."

Maria MoonMaria Moon, 62, Hong Kong

"Even though I refuse to admit that I am old, my eyes, bones and stamina have all weakened with age.

In 2007, I sustained an injury on my left elbow and it has been giving me problems ever since. No doctors that I consulted could give me a solution. However, after taking Celergen for 2 months, the pain in my left hand was gone.

Celergen also helped to reduce my eye condition of 'Eye Floaters' and 'Light Flashes' due to retinal deterioration.

One thing I never expected is the increase in energy and stamina. Because I hardly exercise, it was very astonishing when I could climb 128 stairs up and down within 30 minutes."


Tan Meng HowTan Meng How, 53, Singapore

"3 years ago, I noticed that white patches were starting to appear all over my body. Worried, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin disease which causes white patches because the cells that make pigments in the skin are destroyed.

I sought many skin specialists to get treated. I tried everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine to any cream and supplements I could get my hands on. However, nothing helped!

Then I was introduced to Celergen. After 4 months of this food supplement, my condition improved tremendously. It is simply incredible! The deterioration has stopped and I really thank God for Celergen."

*Vitiligo: A skin disease which causes white patches because the cells that make pigments in the skin are destroyed.


Dr KerenDr. Keren Priyadarshini, 38, India

"Having taken Celergen for just over 10 days, I must say that it is a supplement that has multi-faceted advantages.

I had to conduct interviews non-stop for 8 hrs a day, 3 days consecutively, and never did I feel an iota of fatigue while taking Celergen.

The following morning is always bright and fresh with no hangover of the previous day. Celergen is quite effective in helping my body cope with the daily vagaries of life keeping my energy levels at an optimum high!

Celergen also works wonders for my skin too, after my pregnancy."

Monika FauthMonika Fauth, Kenya

"I'm now in the train in The Netherlands where we arrived yesterday for our 3-week holiday with the kids. I just wanted to tell you that in the last 10 days, 4 people have said that I look so well and have become more beautiful over the years.

I 100% would like to give the credit to Celergen!!! I have been taking Celergen for one month and I myself thought that my skin is looking softer, smoother... And the others have apparently confirmed this by saying I look so well... Thank you so much for this beautiful gift!!"


Shaun Yang, Kembangan, Singapore

"I’m one of those guys who always looks askance at new health ideas, saying, “Aw, don’t need the stuff.” The difference this time was in observing what Celergen was doing for some of my relatives – improved alertness and mind, but more importantly, huge energy gains. I reluctantly began taking Celergen once a day. It was just to keep my sister happy, since she took to the program enthusiastically.

After 3 weeks on Celergen, I am overjoyed with the results that I have experienced - my energy levels have soared, I manage to sleep through most of the night, and my skin is looking radiant now. Celergen is outstanding for the health benefits, it gives me the joy of healthy living possible. There is simply nothing on the market that is comparable. I am utterly pleased with CELERGEN!"

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