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Celergen Swiss Marine Cell Therapy
- Celergen FAQ

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Celergen Swiss Marine Cell Therapy Supplement
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Celergen anti-aging cell therapy


Celergen -Frequently Asked Questions

About Cell Therapy

Celergen is an Anti-Aging Marine Cell Therapy Supplement. It is a nutritional supplement that works on cell renewal and stimulation to delay and retard our aging process. It also helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress in our body. Through effective cell rejuvenation process, Celergen boosts energy levels and maintains and extends our youth and vitality.

Cell Therapy is a potent transformative treatment which triggers the stimulation, rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal and healing process is critical to keep our body tissues and organs in optimum health. Cell Therapy stimulates our body’s own healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long term effect. By effective and efficient repairing and replacement of damaged and dead cells, Cell Therapy today helps us to prevent premature aging and maintain and extend youth, energy and vitality.

Stem Cell Implantations are medical procedures which can only be administered by qualified doctors. The procedure is customized to the medical needs of the patient and is known to be effective for Parkinson’s disease, down syndromes, etc.

Cell Therapy on the other hand can be administered via injectables (Swiss Clinics visited by the Celebrities) or encapsulated in the form soft gels.

Cell Therapy is a potent transformative treatment which triggers the stimulation, rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal and healing process is critical to keep our body tissues and organ in optimum health. Cell Therapy stimulates our body’s own healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long term effect. By effective and efficient repairing and replacement of damaged and dead cells, Cell Therapy today helps us to fight aging and maintain and extend youth, energy and vitality.

The science of cell therapy is not a recent phenomenon. The use of Cell Therapy for medical enhancement goes back thousands of years.

Modern Day Live Cell Therapy achieved global credibility by the painstaking research of Dr. Paul Niehans, who in 1931 made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the technique of organ extraction and cell therapy. Due to its phenomenal success, Cell Therapy has achieved global prominence as an effective regenerative technique.

Cell Therapy works on cell stimulation and renewal within your body and is non-invasive. Celergen is a food supplement and the benefits of cell therapy are encapsulated in the soft gels for oral ingestion. Therefore it is safe and harmless.

In the 80's, a renowned German cell therapist introduced marine cell therapy via extraction of DNA cell extracts from the embryo of fish. He injected marine cell extract onto himself and his diseased patients.

After years of technological research, the Swiss cell therapists continued the research and worked closely with French biologists and chemists to register marine cell therapy in Europe. Using the same principles of cell therapy via a patented cold DNA extraction process of the bio cellular DNA extracts from deep sea fish, which is environmentally pollution free from the deep ocean of France and hence Celergen was developed.

About Celergen

Celergen is an Anti-Aging Marine Cell Therapy Supplement suitable for adults (men or women) above 20 years of age and who are health conscious and want to fight the daily assault of aging. Celergen, which has antioxidants also prevents premature aging and prevents the onset of age-related degenerative diseases and helps boost our immunity system and general well being.

Celergen is manufactured using Swiss Cold Process DNA Extraction Technology. This means that cell therapy technology is used in our DNA extraction, using proprietary photolytic enzymes know how.

Our method can be distinguished from the standard manufacturing of supplements and vitamins because we do not apply ' heat ' in our manufacturing process, hence the term 'enzymatic cold' process. As you may be aware, heat processing is a much cheaper version of processing but it destroys the bio-active ingredients, therefore reducing the efficacy and potency of products.

The standard manufacturing process of vitamins and most supplements uses “heat” which affects the potency and effectiveness of the supplement because this methodology will destroy most of the nutritional value of the supplement.

Celergen is manufactured using Swiss Cold Process DNA Extraction Technology. This means that the potency of the nutrients encapsulated in Celergen is retained for the maximum benefit of the consumer.

Even though Celergen has many proven independent clinical studies and impressive worldwide accreditations, Celergen is NOT a drug. It is a nutritional supplement aimed at improving overall well being and has strong anti-aging properties.

Refer to the brochure – clinical studies conducted on the key ingredients of Celergen like BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex, Peptide E Collagen and Hydro MN Peptide. These clinical studies range from studies reporting significant decrease in physical fatigue and improved stamina of subjects, recuperation after exercise, pain reduction from subjects suffering from osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , reduction of wrinkles and lines as well as reduction of glycemic index for blood sugar control. Celergen also has studies to show marked improvement in moods and mental alertness after ingestion for a specific time period. (Please contact us to request for a Celergen brochure.)

The Independent Clinical Studies are conducted by BIO-HC Laboratories, one of Europe’s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test research centre in Pessac, France under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice) and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) conditions.

Most Important Certification is the Swiss Export Attestation Certificate which certifies that Celergen has met the stringent standards of development and production as well as its superior product quality and therefore Celergen can be SOLD FREELY in Switzerland. There are many other products that are developed and manufactured in Switzerland for export purposes but they have failed to meet the stringent standards for sale and consumption in Switzerland.

Other certifications include, FDA compliance, Swiss Public Health Certificate, CGMP, Swiss Inspection Service, IMO control (compliance with Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance and Regulation, Eurocerta Food (ISO 14001 in food production with European Standard Auditing), German Accreditation Council for Certification, Testing for ensuring quality and Technical Competence, TQM and EMS.

Celergen was launched in May 2009 and has benefited more than 10,000 consumers till date. Where nutritional supplements are concerned, it is always ideal to experience the latest technological innovation and medical advancement encapsulated in newly developed supplements.

Even though Celergen is a relatively new product, it has proven independent clinical studies conducted 2 to 3 years prior to the launch of the product and most importantly, the team of cell therapists, scientists, medical experts, gerontologists, researchers and pharmacists who developed Celergen has more than 20 years of experience in nutritional supplements research and development.

Last but not least, the Swiss quality and trademark is undeniably an important assurance.

Refer to our certifications, especially the Swiss Export Attestation. The manufacturer is the world renowned Swiss Cap, which has world class manufacturing facilities, global quality standards and impressive track record and reputation.

The key ingredients are our proprietary BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex, Peptide E Collagen and Hydro MN Peptide. Other ingredients include Lutein, Grape Skin extract, selenium and Co-enzyme Q10.


Celergen’s Swiss, French and German scientists, after intensive research, have discovered the powerful anti-aging properties in deep sea marine life. They have harnessed the power of this underwater treasury to formulate BIODNA CELLULAR MARINE COMPLEX. This is produced from premium quality marine life by Celergen’s exclusively patented proprietary biological DNA extraction technology.

This superior extraction technology prevents the depolymerisation of the active ingredients and guarantees the potency of the product.

BIODNA CELLULAR MARINE COMPLEX is also a super anti-oxidant specifically designed to act as a protective agent against cell oxidative aggression. In addition to its healing properties, Celergen has been clinically proven to be extremely affective in replenishing energy and stamina with amazing speed for athletes – the perfect recuperative nutritional supplement.


PEPTIDE E COLLAGEN comprises the highest premium grade quality collagen and elastin peptides from France and has been proven to reinforce skin hydration and elasticity. The moisturizing effects of PEPTIDE E COLLAGEN are supported by clinical studies involving women over 40 years old. The results have shown an increase of the entire epidermis hydration after an oral administration of Celergen’s PEPTIDE E COLLAGEN over a period of 3 months. (See results of clinical studies)

It has also been reported that Peptide E Collagen helps to improve bone density in people who suffer from protein malnutrition and joint diseases. There are also several reports of hair thickness increase and improvement in the treatment of cases of nail disorder after a prolonged ingestion of Celergen.


HYDRO MN PEPTIDE plays a critical role in the regeneration of cartilage, treatment of osteoarthritis and improves the biodynamic of the skin. It is also a Glycemic Index (GI) lowering peptide and has been clinically proven in reducing the GI of Carbohydrates by 37% which would otherwise be converted into fats and accumulate in our body.

Due to Celergen’s exclusively patented proprietary biological DNA extraction technology, this method avoids the depolymerization of DNA, thereby guarantee maximum bioactivity of the nutrients for maximum absorption.

Standard DNA products, which are non-polymerized, when taken regularly may have adverse effects on one's health by increasing the accumulation of blood uric acid.

The only marine ingredient in Celergen is Fish DNA Extract.

The fish species comes from the deep ocean of France and it is of premium quality since the fish DNA that are extracted for Celergen has a specific official number from French Sanitation Approval number FR 6266712 and FR 62667125 in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament.

Note: The fish from the Pacific Ocean – China, Japan etc are known for high levels of mercury, which means that the quality of this source is therefore less desirable.

It can be seen at the side of the Celergen box - it lasts for about 4 years from the manufactured date.

To ensure that Celergen is totally harmless and have scientific objectivity, BIO-HC in Vitro department conducted and validated toxicological and pharmacological studies on Celergen. The test report was further attestated and audited by PHYCHER Bio development in France.

The Independent Clinical Studies are conducted by BIO-HC Laboratories, one of Europe’s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test research centre in Pessac, France under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice) and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) conditions.

It is up to the individual preference. Celergen is a nutritional supplement with antioxidants and strong anti-aging properties and can be consumed long term for prevention of aging and age-related diseases.

Functionalities of Celergen

Celergen has the potent power to achieve the following benefits by improving in:

• Stimulation of specific cells concerned with obesity, arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative brain disease, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, male impotence and other metabolic ailments.

• Enhancement in Stamina and Energy level

• Boosting your sex drive and potency with endurance and vitality

• Increasing your sexual satisfaction

• Reducing your pre-menopause syndrome and delaying your Menopause

• Improving your alertness and mind

• Improving your blood circulation

• Revitalizing your body’s immune system and defence mechanisms

• A visible increase in radiance and glow to the skin

• Vastly improves your skin’s resilience, tone, texture and overall complexion

• Maximum regeneration and hydration of your skin

• Increase in your metabolic rate

Celergen can help when it is combined with Calcitonin to delay bone mineralization.

Celergen helps to prevent cataract and macular degeneration. Both outdoor sunlight and indoor lighting induces oxidative stress and free radical damage, Lutein in Celergen helps to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays by filtering out the blue light. Lutein in Celergen also helps to prevent Glaucoma, which is a condition in which fluid pressure build up inside the eye, damaging the optic nerve. If this condition is left untreated, it will lead to permanent damage of the optic nerve, resulting in visual loss leading to blindness. Celergen will do more of prevention then improving the conditions of glaucoma or even cataract.

Celergen encapsulates the transformative power of Cell Therapy to stimulate specific cells to boost blood circulation and enhance energy levels critical for sexual activities. However, Celergen, unlike Viagra, is not a drug and does not have the negative side effects of Viagra such as temporary vision loss, migraine, chest pain, and shortness of breath, fainting and painful penis erection lasting 4 hours or longer.

Coenzyme Q10 is found to be deficient in patients with immune system cancers; therefore, Celergen can be and should be encouraged to be taken by leukemia patients. Melatonin supplement is the one that should NOT be taken by leukemia patients.

Celergen is an enteric coated food supplement approved by Swiss Federal Office of Public Health with full compliance to FDA, USA and not a DRUG. Therefore, it does not have side effects.

GI shows how food affects the blood glucose response after a meal. Hydro MN peptide, one of the ingredients in Celergen acts as a glycemic index reducing peptide and balances blood sugar levels after meals as well as limit the post prandial glucose rise. Hence, it reduces the fluctuations in blood glucose and therefore lowers insulin demand.

The main source of protein is Fish, if this is acceptable to you.

Celergen does not contain sheep or human placentas. Our main ingredient is fish DNA extract. Through our research, it is evident that placenta can somehow affect one’s hormonal levels.

If a potential consumer experience pathological hormonal levels, placenta laced supplements may have adverse effects. In addition, since placenta can affect hormonal levels, it is known that people with cancer or potentially may have cancer must not consume.

Celergen is not a drug, it is only a Food Supplement consumed to supplement a person’s daily nutrition. When taken with medication, ensure that it is taken 4 hours apart.

Celergen is not a drug, it is only a Food Supplement consumed to supplement a person’s daily nutrition. When taken with medication, ensure that there it is taken 4 hours apart.

Celergen will help boost your metabolic rate, increase energy levels and improve your immunity system, extremely ideal for cancer patients.

Competitive Advantages of Celergen versus Other Nutritional Products

  • Unsurpassed Worldwide Accreditations demonstrating the stringent quality and safety standards of Celergen
  • Independent Clinical Studies conducted in Pessac, France by BIO-HC Laboratories. These studies are conducted in house.
  • Proprietary Swiss Cold Process DNA extraction technology versus “heat” used in most nutritional products, which therefore affects the potency of the product.
  • Premium Source of Fish Extracts from Deep Oceans in France
  • Researched, developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

It is up to the individual’s preference even though Celergen is usually sufficient for most people.

Potential Outcomes – initial intake of Celergen

The experience differs among individuals. Some will initially feel sleepy, some will experience high metabolic rate and will feel hungry. Some people will also experience constipation. Once our body starts adjusting to Celergen usually after 10 days, you will experience the outstanding benefits of Celergen.

Celergen is a protein rich supplement and you will be required to drink lots of water. In addition, our body takes time to adjust to Celergen. If such symptoms still persist, reduce the dosage to alternate days or twice a week. . Naturally, the dosage can be increased gradually when customers begin to feel ' better ' and would like to benefit more from the positive results of Celergen.

You should stop Celergen for a day or two and resume afterwards.

If you feel extreme discomfort, just stop for a day or 2 and when you resume, you will experience the positive benefits of Celergen.

Yes, the dosage can be up to 2 soft gels a day.

Yes, for consumers with gastric problems, it is better to take after breakfast. It is definitely still effective.

This is the initial process; try to eat more small meals or snacks. This is only temporary.

Consuming Celergen by breaking the casing of the gel to ingest the liquid potentially means that the potency of the product will be reduced. This is because the liquid will then have to bypass our stomach, which is acidic by nature and hence the nutrient absorption cannot be maximized.

It is a protein rich diet and for some people, we need time to adjust. Make sure you drink lots of water.

Celergen is better for prevention of osteoporosis. However, if taken with Calcitonin it can help to delay bone mineralization.

Yes. Celergen can help boost one’s energy, metabolic rate and blood circulation.

Celergen is only a Food Supplement and because it is not a drug it cannot be used to treat diseases.

Cell renewal is an ongoing process within our bodies since our conception and continues throughout our life, as old and weak cells are replaced by new ones. This process of renewal is critical to keep our body tissues and organ in optimum health and therefore it cannot cause an increase in blood pressure.

Celergen encapsulates the transformative power of cell renewal and therefore it can bring us positive benefits like enhancing our metabolic rate and increase blood "Circulation". Once again, Celergen is a Food Supplement and therefore it cannot increase one's blood pressure.

The terminology "Increased blood pressure" is more relevant to Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

Patients diagnosed with hypertension have in common a particular abnormality of the arteries: an increased resistance (stiffness or lack of elasticity) in the tiny arteries that are most distant from the heart (peripheral arteries or arterioles). The arterioles supply oxygen-containing blood and nutrients to all of the tissues of the body. The arterioles are connected by capillaries in the tissues to the veins (the venous system), which returns the blood to the heart and lungs.

Hypertension is usually associated with genetic factors, obesity, lack of exercise, overuse of salt, and aging. Inflammation also may play a role in hypertension.

Celergen is not a drug and therefore it cannot cure hypertension but it can help prevent the clotting of arteries - useful as a prevention health supplement.

It is not uncommon to experience this. It means that you need to rest and your body is working on cell renewal. You will resume your energy level after proper rest.

It is important to note that even though you may feel sleepy, it generally does not affect your energy level once you are awake because Celergen also regulates your sleeping patterns for a good night rest.

Celergen is a food supplement with effective anti-aging properties. Stopping Celergen will not lead to a rapid decline in one’s overall health and not trigger rapid aging.

However, we have to bear in mind that we age every day and stopping Celergen will mean that we deprive our body the essential nutrients and antioxidants which can boost cell renewal and stimulation, hence delaying and slowing down aging aggressively.

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