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Geraldine Marte on Why Traditional Business Owners Embark on Avita MLM

After 15 years of building up her construction firm in Manila, The Philippines, Ms Geraldine Marte is today respected in the industry and her firm now has a staff strength of 300.

One day, her mentor in the construction industry, Mr Roel, introduced her to Celergen - the first and only Marine Cell Therapy Supplement from Switzerland. Celergen has changed her life for the better. She feels younger, more vital and energetic. It has opened her to a whole new opportunity.

Geraldine explains why she is keen on embarking on the Avita Network Marketing Business Opportunity from Singapore to help her build a long term passive income.


Joey TanJoey Tan, Singapore

"If we don't have a dream, we have nothing."

When I first read the book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki in year 2000, I was shaken out of my comfortable corporate career and stunned into action!

From working the rat race as a Vice President for a MNC, I started to venture into my own part-time businesses in retail, corporate gift and even options trading. Later, when I had my second chance to explore the network marketing opportunity with Avita, I began to fully realize the tremendous potential of this business model and why it is truly the business for people who love helping others. I embarked on building my Avita networking business on a part-time basis. When my team grew into a multi-national team with distributors and customers spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and China, I turned full-time. I'm glad to leverage on the Avita opportunity to ride the wellness trend to enjoy a lifestyle of wealth creation and flexible hours. Today, my aspiration is to inspire my growing network of regional business partners to pursue their own dreams while enjoying this wonderful journey together as part of Team Scentalworld.


Theingi SoeTheingi Soe, Singapore

I've always dreamt of owning a business that would make a positive impact on people around the world. In 2004, I started in network marketing and discovered how it could allow me to learn and earn at the same time. I used to be someone who was timid and low in self-confidence; today I'm a confident speaker and trainer. I'm grateful to many mentors from Scent'al World who have guided me in my journey of learning and growth. I am now passionately sharing my knowledge and empowering others through my workshops and trainings together with my team. I aspire to be that guiding star that shines upon people with dreams that are waiting to be accomplished. I strongly believe that as long as there is a desire and a persistent and committed heart, anything is possible. To me, Avita is a platform, a stage where ordinary people like me, can become someone special. To live a life of motivating others and empowering an international audience is what I am working towards now together with my team in Avita.


Tan Koh Siang陈可香, Johor, Malaysia

一开始加入 Avita,纯粹是为了钱。非常棒的奖金制度,让我看到了炒老板鱿鱼的希望,也让我重新拾起我大学时,想要35岁退休的梦想!在 Avita 最大的收获,不只是重新拾回了梦想,拾回了动力,更重要的是认识了一班最棒的战友及家人,一起欢笑,一起哭泣,一起成长,一起成功!不是自己一个人盲目摸索,不是自己一个人跌跌撞撞。失败的时候有人依靠,成功的时候有人分享,彷徨的时候有人指引,坚持的时候有人相信!这就是我在 Avita,在 Scent'al World 最大的得到! 如今,正在积极开发新山的 Avita 市场。如果不久的将来,你在新山看见有人拿着 Avita 的环保袋,不要惊讶。


Christine WongChristine Wong, Singapore

I started exploring various business opportunities since 2008. After 3 years of doing my due diligence, I decided that the Avita preventive healthcare business is THE one for me. In a business, I look for company with values that resonate with mine, is responsible, rewards fairly with reasonable expectation and of course the market trend. Avita has a culture that radiates care and love, from the leaders to the product. It offers a range of very high quality and unique products and a compensation structure that motivates me. Initially, I wanted to have a respectable career and a means to do good for others. Now, I have a different perspective and deeper insight. Having been involved in running a traditional business model for the last 6 months, I value the flexibility and freedom I enjoy in my network marketing business.

In such a short time, my Avita network has started penetrating into different countries. I realised Avita is boundary-less business with real potential to reach ot to the international market. It allows me to creatively engage mutual partnerships with a wide range of complementary businesses. Another realisation: There are boundless possibilities!

I was previously a school teacher with no business experience. I found Avita to be a great place to start a business with minimal risks and capital. I appreciate the training provided and the leaders who inspire and coach by role modelling. I am motivated to challenge myself to scale greater heights, develop my character and become committed towards empowering others to achieve team success! My Avita venture makes possible my dream of one day starting my very own humanitarian foundation. I am grateful to be introduced to this very "unusual" opportunity and a bunch of fun and great people. Thank you AVITA!



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