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Why avita?

The avita Opportunity presented by Diamond President Theingi Soe (2020).


For good products to create values in the marketplace, we need good people. The avita Opportunity is the reason for good people to make avita their career of choice. In avita, we have a dream to Make Lotsa Money and Change the World!

The avita network marketing business opportunity is a risk-free venture with immense potential. It has the advantages of requiring low capital and minimal operating expense, yet allowing you to grow as large a distributorship across Asia as you envision, and thus enjoy unlimited earning potential.

Let us state it upfront: this is NOT an investment scheme in which you park a sum of money and expect it to grow by itself. Having money alone won't make you successful in this business.

You have to invest your TIME and EFFORT to learn and work this networking business, building it one customer and one distributor at a time. As you grow your customer base and distributor team, you will enjoy the magic of leverage and residual income.

Prior experience in network marketing or multi-level marketing or traditional business is not important. Your success in Avita comes through the following 5 stages:

  1. Get started as an avita Distributor and use the products.
  2. Get trained with Scent'al World and work with your upline mentor/s.
  3. Promote to and service your personal customers.
  4. Talent-hunt and recruit your team of first line distributors.
  5. Train and support your growing team of downline distributors.

This business allows you to grow as wide and deep a downline distributor organization as you desire, and to expand to as many markets as you are able to manage, internationally. The only limitation is really YOU and YOUR TEAM's aspiration and abilities. Yet, you can choose to conduct your avita business in the smallest of scale such as ocassional retailing to earn an extra source of income.

When you get started with us, we shall work with you to determine your business goal and map out an action plan to guide your week-by-week development. All eventual big successes begin with taking the humble first baby step.

Next, you should get a grasp of the avita business model...


> Why Is avita Network Marketing Business Model So Attractive?

Why Network Marketing
or MLM?

Firstly, it makes the best sense for the company. Avita offers a fantastic range of innovative wellness products based on very high quality natural ingredients. Premium quality products are never cheap. Innovative products require education so word of mouth marketing is the best channel to distribute Avita products to benefit end consumers.

More importantly, it makes sense for humble folks like you and I. Avita network marketing business offers you a chance to ride the fast growing trend of the wellness industry and create a business that offers you residual income, flexible working hours, more free time to live your life, team support for collective success, and making a positive impact on many others.

Network marketing or Multi-level Marketing is a system for distributing goods and services to the end consumers through a network of distributors. Every distributor enjoys equal rights to further 'franchise' the business opportunity to his/her own network of friends to create his/her own downline teams of distributors. A fair compensation plan ensures that all distributors get commission from multiple levels of their downline distributors based on sales. This motivates every distributor to organize and support his own downline network into high performance teams.

Avita Network Marketing is a truly free enterprise opportunity that allows you to determine how far, how fast and how big you wish to live your dream.

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Why avita?
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