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31 Oct - 6 Nov 2019: avita Voyages in Australia

avita Voyages in Australia

For this year's incentive trip, we headed to Australia!

Avita associates flew into Melbourne from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and also Australia itself. Everyone had a fantastic fun and bonding time, enjoying interesting places and fine dining.

Next year, avita Voyages will fly to Austria in Europe!

24 Aug 2019: Celergen 10th Anniversary, St Regis Singapore

Celergen 10th Anniversary

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Celergen at the very place where we held its world launch in 2009 - St Regis Singapore.

The afternoon program was an artful format and the 600 strong audience was treated to a series of performances - dances, songs and drumming - that told the stories of how Celergen has made a definitive impact on the health and wellness of tens of thousands of people the world over.

Many more great years to come!

13 Jul 2019: Meridian 101 Ambassador Course, Singapore

M101 Ambassador Course, Singapore

We are proud to graduate the 2nd batch of Meridian 101 Ambassador for the year of 2019.

This batch has participants from all walks of life - from yoga instructress, day trader, homemaker, ex-soldier, opera artists to mid-career transit professionals.

We are excited because we know these highly capable individuals will bring Meridian 101 to greater heights!

2 Jun 2019: avita Philippines 5th Anniversary, Manila, Philippines

MCC in Jakarta

Happy 5th birthday, avita Philippines!

So happy to see the growth and expansion of avita PH. This 5th anniversary was made all the more special because the keynote speaker Alvin Yong attained his Pearl Ambassadorship just one day prior to the event while in Manila! So it was a double celebration!

Thanks to the PH leadership of DP Jinnie, PD Dr Diona and DP Dr Lucero, and the growing pool of PD leaders in Philippines.

23-24 Mar 2019: Soaring Eagles Course 7th edition, Singapore

Soaring Eagles 7th edition

Soaring Eagles Course 7th edition - Quantum Leap - was held successfully in Singapore HQ.

It was an exciting weekend filled with personal breakthroughs and bonding teams and forging of friendship amongst avita associates from across Asia.

For the next edition of Soaring Eagles, we shall strive to hold it in a whole new venue outside of Singapore. Where shall it be...?

23 Feb 2019: Entrepreneur Leadership Summit (ELS), Manila, Philippines


Led by DPs Joey Tan, Theingi Soe and PD Gina, the first ELS program was conducted in Manila.

avita CEO Ms Lee also visited the avita Philippines office and held a meet-the-distributors session a day prior to the start of the ELS program.

We look forward to a bountiful year of grow and expansion in the Philippines led by many highly motivated PH leaders.

9 Feb 2019: Chinese New Year Spring Feast, Singapore

Spring Feast Singapore

This year's Spring Feast has a very enjoyable segment and that was the avita Voices in which distributors competed against each other with their vocal cords!

We discovered so many hidden talents including 2 very impressive young talents in Crystal and Luvita, both are daughters of distributors Betty and Donna. They performed with grace and courage in fair competition against their adult opponents. Another truly memorable event in avita.


13-14 Oct 2018: Soaring Eagles Course 6th Edition, Singapore

Project WeCare @ Istana, Singapore

We held our 2nd Soaring Eagles Course in Singapore for 2018.

Into its 6th edition, the SE program got polished and refined further to by the DP trainers. It's exciting that the program continued to help many participants achieved personal breakthroughs.

We look forward to having Soaring Eagles start to travel to new countries and cities in the new year...

31 Aug 2018: avita 11th Anniversary, MBS, Singapore

avita 11th Anniversary

avita's 11th Anniversary was known as the Jewel celebration as we proudly announced the birth of the first Pearl Ambassador Josephine Chang, the highest ranking distributor to date.

We returned this year to the grand venue of Marina Bay Sands. this year also witnessed the highest number of newly minted Platinum Directors as well as new Diamond Presidents Michiko (Japan), Dr Lucero (Philippines) and Tsai Chinghung (Taiwan).

It has been a bountiful year!

23-24 Jun 2018: Soaring Eagles Course 5th Edition, Singapore

Soaring Eagles Singapore

After conducting Soaring Eagles Courses in Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia over the past few years, it's time to bring this course back to Singapore.

We had multi-national participants in this exciting program that saw many distributors experiencing personal breakthroughs. Not only the participants and team leaders are growing, the trainers have grown more powerful in their delivery and content too. In avita, we all support one another to soar higher!

30 May 2018: avita Philippines 4th Anniversary, Philippines

avita Philippines 4th anniversary

Happy 4th birthday, avita Philippines!

We are so proud to witness avita PH turning 4 years old! Thanks to many leaders led by DP Jinnie Uy, PD Dr Diona and PD Dr Lucero who tireless groom and grow the teams in the Philippines.

DPs Alvin Yong, Joey Tan, Theingi Soe and PD Chong Pheng from Singapore joined in the celebration held in One Shangs, Manila.

31 Mar 2018: Meridian 101 Ambassador Course, Singapore

avita Philippines 2nd Anniversary, Manila, The Philippines

We are extremely proud to have graduated yet another batch of Meridian 101 Ambassadors in Singapore to spread the goodness of Meridian 101 and the avita series of TCM herbal essential oils to the world.

As part of grooming process, we featured a few new Meridian Trainers in this course.

For more info on Meridian 101 workshop series and career options, please visit

17 Mar 2018: Launch of LifeBiotics+ in Singapore

Launch of Lifebiotics+ in Singapore

Our top selling probiotics has once again been upgraded, thanks to its tireless inventor Prof Tsai Ying Chieh, Lead R&D Professor of avita Laboratories.

Lifebiotics+ features a new patented resilient strain K21 that is a next-generation, clinically proven probiotic supplement. Lactobacillus Plantarum K21 is the World’s first and only exclusive probiotics strain and was awarded United States Patent (US 9399048 B2) and Republic of China Patent (I522464).

16 Mar 2018: avita Elite Forum, Singapore

avita Elite Forum

We held our first ever ELITE Forum with distinguished panel speakers - Prof Tsai Ying Chieh, Lead R&D Professor of avita Laboratories and Dr F Lucero, Top Plastic Surgeon in The Philippines. Elite Forum is one of the many branches of avita’s Elite Program. It is a 2-hour dialogue session with exemplary network leaders hosted by Ms Lee Xiang Yin, Founder and CEO of avita. Our goal is to bring together key leaders who have performed exceptionally and aspiring associates who are driven for success in this business. We hope to foster a cross-learning​ environment and inspire more like-minded people to reach for a greater success through this process.


9-14 Nov 2017: avita Voyages in Taiwan

avita Voyages Taiwan 2017

avita Voyages is an all-expense paid tour incentive that rewards leaders of ranks Platinum Directors and above who met annual performance standards.

We close our final chapter for avita 10-Year Milestone Celebration with an epic trip to Taiwan; rewarding our new Platinum Directors and Diamond Presidents for their hard work for the past 10 years!

We look forward to yet another amazing decade to come! 

21 Sep 2017: avita Elite Round Table

avita Philippines 2nd Anniversary, Manila, The Philippines

avita Elite Round Table rewards Platinum Directors who lead their organic groups to outstanding performances.

In this quarter, our avita Elite leaders from Singapore, Taiwan and The Philippines set sail for an exclusive dialogue with our CEO, Ms Lee Xiang Yin, on-board a premium catamaran!

We enjoyed friendship and a sumptuous lunch onboard out at sea.

18 Aug 2017: avita 10th Anniversary, Ritz Carlton, Singapore

avita 10th Anniversary


avita celebrated 10th Anniversary at Ritz Carlton in Singapore.

Thank you to all avita associates and distinguished guests from all over Asia - namely Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia, for joining us in a spectacular 10-Year Milestone Celebration! 

21 May 2017: Launch of NGF at St Regis, Singapore

Launch of NGF in Singapore

avita launched its newest product NGF (Natural Growth Factors) at St Regis, Singapore. NGF is a new cell therapy supplement in addition to our top seller Celergen.

While Celergen supports the maintenance and regeneration of most cells in our body, NGF is specialised and focuses on the care and regeneration of our nerve cells. Given our fast aging society, neurological disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson's, etc will be the NEXT BIG HEALTH CONCERN. NGF protects our autonomic nervous system.

17-20 Mar 2017: Soaring Eagles Course 4th Edition, Belitung, Indonesia

Soaring Eagles Course in Belitung

Soaring Eagles Course always proved to be a transformational experience for many distributors, and this course was held at the beautiful island of Belitung in Indonesia.

The breathtaking view of the majestic ocean with an expansive horizon befitted well our program to inspire distributors to transform themselves into daring eagles, spread their wings and soar high into new blue sky.

It was another memorable training experience for everyone.


27 Dec 2016: Scent'al Year End Party, Singapore

Scent'al Group Year End Party

As the year of 2016 comes to an end, let us rejoice our accomplishments, growth and friendship through our fav pot luck party. Everyone contributed delicious food and we always enjoy eating, talking and laughing all done at the same time.

Thanks to DP Joey for arranging the function room in his condo for our gathering. We look fondly forward to the coming of 2017.

27 Nov 2016: Project WeCare @ Istana, Singapore

Project WeCare @ Istana, Singapore
Meridian 101 at work

Once again, we are proud to be invited by Project WeCare to serve the community at the Presdiential Garden Party held at the Istana of Singapore.

Most Meridian 101 Ambassadors volunteered themselves and we let over a hundred visitors and guests at the Istana experience the benefits of Meridian 101 acupressure and guasha with avita herbal essential oils. It was a tiring day for all of us but we all went home happy and fulfilled for it is our mission to share our preventive care skills.

8 Oct 2016: Official Launch of Celergen in Manila, The Philippines

Celergen official launch in Manila

It was history in the making on 8 Oct 2016 as we officially launch Celergen in The Philippines. The grand event was held in the City of Dreams in Manila, a befitting venue as we soar ahead to help many more people build and realize their dreams.

The launch was expertly hosted by PD Koh Siang and featured various speakers including Prof Lim Kah Meng, DP Alvin and PD Christine Wong.

19 Aug 2016: avita 9th Anniversary Awards & Dinner @ Shangri-la, Singapore

avita 9th Anniversary Awards & Dinner @ Shangri-la, Singapore

avita turns 9 years old!

The theme of the night was Mid Summer Night's Dream. It was a grand celebration in the grand ballroom of The Shangri-la Singapore. Many of our leaders and distributors from across the region flew in and turned out in their best dresses and suits.

We also celebrated the birth of another Diamond President - Kwok Siu Ling, and many new Platinum Directors.

23 Jul 2016: MCC Training in Jakarta, Indonesia

MCC in Jakarta

Led by DP Alvin, DP Joey, DP Theingi, PD Chong Pheng, GA Wendy, GA Nancy and GA Ruby, we conducted the first Management Consultant Course (MCC) in Jakarta at the Krystal Hotel.

We are committed to supporting our Indonesia teams to grow and establish a firm market in Indonesia.

11 Jun 2016: avita Philippines 2nd Anniversary, Manila, The Philippines

avita Philippines 2nd Anniversary, Manila, The Philippines

Congrats to avita Philippines on its 2nd birthday! It's been another year of growth and development. Many more good years ahead to come.

DP Alvin, DP Theingi and DP Siu Ling from Singapore joined in the celebration in Manila.

9-11 Apr 2016: Soaring Eagles Course 3rd Edition, Bandung, Indonesia

Soaring Eagles Course, Bandung, Indonesia

Soaring Eagles Course was held in the Padma Resort in Bandung, Indonesia. This was yet another befitting venue as we transfromed ourselves into soaring eagles to fly across the hills, through the forest and into the unlimited sky.

This course was directed by DP Joey Tan.

27 Feb 2016: avita Challenge, Singapore

avita Challenge, Singapore

The avita Challenge was organized as a team-based quiz. It was distributor training designed in a fun and enegaging way. Team members were tested on their product knowledge, business know-how and soft skills. It was an afternoon of great fun, excitement and everyone brought back useful knowledge and learnings.

13 Feb 2016: Spring Feast, Singapore

avita Spring Feast 2016
CNY at DP Jo's home

It's the Chinese New Year of the Monkey and we celebrated it in style at our annual Spring Feast in avita Singapore HQ. It was another packed crowd of distributors, customers, families and friends. Celergen users Chok and wife Lee Kiang walked home with top lucky draw of one year supply of Celergen!

We continued the CNY celebration at DP Josephine's home in the evening. DP Jo was born in the year of the Monkey.


7 Nov 2015: Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course, Singapore

Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course in Singapore

We conducted the 3rd and last Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course for the year of 2015 with a big trainee batch. We hope many of them will go on to lead Meridian 101 growth and expansion all over the world. Thanks to Course Director PD Koh Siang for her effort.

7 Aug 2015: avita 8th Anniversary Awards & Dinner @ ParkRoyal at Pickering, Singapore

avita 8th Anniversary Awards & Dinner @ ParkRoyal at Pickering, Singapore

avita turns 8 years old!

We celebrated our 8th Anniversary Awards and Dinner at ParkRoyal at Pcikering, Singapore. Big congrats to Theingi and Wai Teng for attaining their Diamond President award. Scent'al Group also put up a memorable performance featuring many superstars like Micharl Jackson (Joey Tan), Marilyn Monroe (GA Wendy Kwong), Madonna (GA Gina Ilarde), Lady Gaga (PD Mary Kwok) and many others.

27 Jun 2015: avita Amazing Race @ Sentosa Island, Singapore

avita Amazing Race @ Sentosa
Winner of the race - Panalo led by PD Elysee

It was a fun day of team bonding and a race that pit speed, wit and teamwork. The teams raced across the island of Sentosa. Thanks to avita staff for designing the games and manning all the stations to let us have so much fun.

PD Elysee led his team of Pinoys to emerge as the winning team and walked away with S$5000 cash prize!

30 May 2015: avita Philippines Celebrates 1st Anniversary in Manila, The Philippines

avita Philippines celebrates 1st anniversary

avita Philippines celebrated its 1st anniversary on 30 May 2015. Thanks to PD Jinnie, PD John and PD Johnny for leading the expansion of avita into Manila, Cebu, Davao and other parts of The Philippines. Many leaders flew in from Singapore to celebrate this joyous occasion with our PH Team.

13-18 Mar 2015: Soaring Eagles Course 2nd Edition, Cebu, The Philippines

Soaring Eagles Course, Cebu, PH

We chose Cebu as the venue for Soaring Eagles Course this year. With its beautiful beaches and seascape, Cebu is truly the fitting place for us to train and launch ourselves skyward as soaring eagles to fly towards our success.

The course was directed by PD Theingi.

28 Feb 2015: Spring Feast, Singapore

Spring Feast in Singapore

As with avita's tradition, we welcome the Chinese New Year of the Goat with a huge party. The avita HQ in Singapore was packed to the brim with distributors, customers, families and friends. Everyone had a great time of celebration and many walked away with game and lucky draw prizes.

We look forward to a prosperous new year ahead.

10 Feb 2015: Big Earners Rewards, Singapore

Big Earners Rewards

We celebrated a night of recognising the top earners from across the region. DP Joey topped the Big Earners Chart with S$60K commission in a single month. It was a record in avita. Joey was incidentally away on holiday with his parents so his wife, Puay Boon, received the honor on his behalf.

6-8 Feb 2015: Visioning @ Tagaytay, The Philippines

Visioning at Tagaytay, The Philippines

Visioning 2015 for the Philippines Team was held at a beautiful venue in Tgaytay in The Philippines. Thanks to PD Jinnie for organizing the off-site team discussion that we co-created the important guiding plan for 2015.

The PH team leaders were joined by PD Theingi, DP Alvin and DP Josephine from Singapore.

24 Jan 2015: Management Consultant Course (MCC), Singapore

Scent'al MCC Training

We kick-started the new year with a foundational training course for distributors to learn and master the skills to succeed in the network marketing profession. The training was led by DP Josephine, DP Alvin, DP Joey, PD Theingi, PD Siu Ling and PD Koh Siang.


26-27 Apr 2014: Soaring Eagles Course 1st Edition, Johor, Malaysia

Soaring Eagles 2014
Leaders of Avita

Over 60 leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia gathered at Tg Sutera Resort for this year's Leadership Training. Overlooking the majestic South China Sea, blanketed by the vast blue sky, we had plenty of learning, dancing, fun, bonding and in the process transformed ourselves into soaring eagels to achieve daring success in Avita. The training was led by DP Maria Moon, Josephine Chang and Alvin Yong.

12-17 Mar 2014: Go4Platinum Distributor Training in Manila, The Philippines

Leaders of Scent'al Manila
Pioneer batch of distributors in Manila

DP Alvin, PD Theingi and GA Winston flew to Manila to support PD Jinnie and her team of pioneers to spearhead the Avita expansion in The Philippines. It was a very fun and gainful trip. We are so excited for Jinnie and her rapidly growing team of partners, many of whom are experienced entrepreneurs and business owners, and all lovers of Celergen and Avita products. Next will be the launch of the new Avita Stock Centre in Manila on 1 May 2014!

15 Feb 2014: Spring Feast @ Sity Avita, KL, Malaysia

Spring Feast in Sity-Avita KL
Celebrating DP Alvin's birthday in KL

This year marked the first time that the Avita Spring Feast was held in Sity-Avita KL stock centre. Many of us travelled to KL to join our Malaysian associates to celebrate the joyous occasion of welcoming the Year of the Horse.

Besides creating a record 1-day sale on this special day, we also threw a surprised birthday celebration for DP Alvin on stage.

8 Feb 2014: Spring Feast @ Avita Lounge, Singapore

Newly promoted Platinum Directors in Scent'al Group
150 people making music together

This year's Avita Spring Feast, hosted by DP Jo and Alvin, gave away $20K worth of prizes to many happy winners. We also had a special program in which over 150 participants made music together as a symphony! It was an amazing experience and that's really the Avita Spirit!

Platinum Director plagues were awarded to newly promoted PD Kat, Elysee, Jinnie and May.

4 Feb 2014: Chinese New Year Gathering @ CEO's Home, Singapore

Scent'al Group at CEO's home
An evening of good wishes

To welcome the year of the Horse, we all galloped to CEO's home to wish her a happy new year filled with prospersity and good health.

We are thrilled to have many new partners joining us at CEO's home this year.

It was a cool evening out in the garden and we all enjoyed good chats under the stars.

28 Jan 2014: Scent'al Steamboat to Welcome New Year, Singapore

Scent'al celebrates Avita's 6th Anniversary

New year always offers plenty of reasons to wine and dine. To welcome a great year ahead, we decided to hold a Scent'al Get-together at Koka and oenjoy a wonderful steamboat feasting. This event was gamely organized by PD Theingi and PD Koh Siang. We enjoyed good food, good joke and good company. We wish a new year filled with love and joy for all in the Scent'al Group.


2-6 Nov 2013: Celergen Partnership Development in Jakarta, Indonesia

GA Tina from Medan
Lunch with Miaw Ling and Angga

This trip to Jakarta by DP Joey, DP Alvin, PD Wai Teng and PD Siu Ling was to support the Celergen market development by GA Tina from Medan and GA Angga from Jakarta. We met many new friends of high potential and look forward eagerly to building up a passionate and capable Scent'al team of distributors and leaders in Jakarta for expansion into the rest of Indonesia. We also mapped out new strategies for success going forward. Go, go, GO!

25 Sep - 2 Oct 2013: Celergen Partnership Development in Manila, The Philippines

Theingi, Jinny, Roel and Alvin in Manila
Jinny and her super team

This trip to Manila by PD Theingi and DP Alvin helped launch Jinny into Challenging PD position. We are excited of the immense market potential in Manila. Jinny is excitingly building up a strong team of passionate network entrepreneurs to Celergize the whole of The Philippines! Amidst days of hardwork, we took a Sunday break at Tagaytay and simply enjoyed the lovely sky and lake, and did nothing. Go, Jinny, GO!

17 Aug 2013: Avita's 6th Anniversary Celebration + Promotion of DP Joey Tan, Singapore

Scent'al celebrates Avita's 6th Anniversary
Newly crowned Diamond President Joey Tan

Happy birthday, Avita! Avita turned 6 on 10 Aug. It was an afternoon of celebration for all distributors and customers at Avita HQ in Singapore, with lots of fun, games, performances by distributors, lucky draws and buffet.

Scent'al celebrated the promotion of Joey Tan as Diamond President and Christine Wong as Platinum Director, and Alvin as the Diamond of the Year.

Christine Wong awarded Platinum Directorship by DP Maria Moon Alvin awarded Diamond of the Year Award by CEO Most Improved Distributor AwardeesTheingi, Joey and Koh Siang received the Most improved Distributors Awards which entitled them to a $2400 training course sponsored by Avita.

19-23 Jun 2013: Launch of Celergen in Yangon, Myanmar

Scent'al Yangon Team
Theingi interviewed by MRTV-4

This was our 2nd trip to kickstart the new market for Celergen in Yangon, Myanmar. The launch event was a grand one held at Sedona Hotel, attended by over 80 guests, with local media coverage.

Led by PD Theingi and CDP Joey, and supported by DP Alvin, we witnessed the growth of local teams under GAs Vivian, Momo, May, Helen, Thida, Putoo, Poat, Win Hmi and Khine.

22-25 May 2013: Celergen Partnership Development in Jakarta, Indonesia

Joey sharing about the Celergen partnership opportunity in Jakarta
Scent'al Team in Jakarta

Following the launch of Matrixcell in Singapore, we introduced this exciting new product to our associates and customers in Jakarta.

This trip was also to explore market development with potential business associates for the rapidly growing Indonesia market. We made many new friends and potential partners.

18 May 2013: World Launch of Matrixcell, The St Regis, Singapore

Matrixcell World Launch in Singapore
Matrixcell launch at The St Regis Singapore before an audience of 700

MATRIXCELL, another breakthrough product of Avita, was launched on 18 May 2013 at The St Regis Singapore. The event was a grand occasion that saw a turnout of 700 associates and guests from regional countries.

Matrixcell is the answer to breast cancer prevention and protection. For more info, visit the official website

20 Apr 2013: The Celergen Experience, Singapore

Everyone shares about Celergen
Everyone learns from one another

Celergen has been transforming the life of so many people all over the world since its launch on 23 May 2009. This afternoon, associates and customers all gathered to share their personal experiences. We heard many moving real life stories of people who benefited greatly. Many also shared how Celergen created for them a rewarding business opportunity. It was a tremendous learning experience for everyone. The event was hosted by DP Josephine and Alvin.

23 Feb 2013: Avita Springs Feast, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Spring Feast in KL Stock Centre
Leaders in Singapore and Malaysia

This year, we held a special Spring Feast to celebrate the Chinese New Year with all our Malaysian associates and customers. The mega event was held in the Sity-Avita KL Stock Centre. Our Scent'al World team from Singapore drove up to KL in a few cars, enjoying good food and company enroute. The next morning, we enjoyed a morning of rock climbing at 1 Utama Mall before heading back. It was a wonderful team bonding time for all of us.

2 Feb 2013: Avita Springs Feast, Singapore

Welcome the Year of the Snake
Scent'al World Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai! It's time to welcome the Year of the Snake and get ready for greater prosperity in this coming Chinese new year! This year's annual Spring Feast was packed with associates, customers and their family members.

Everyone enjoyed the mega lo-hei, good food and many lucky members won fabulous prizes! PD Joey especially won just too many prizes... : )

2 Feb 2013: Charity Yoga @ Avita, Singapore

Charity Yoga 2013
Partner Yoga

It was a fun afternoon of stretching and sweating out at Avita Main Auditorium for good health and also for a mighty good cause.

Charity Yoga 2013 was led by yoga instructress Tio Huay Lin. Participants enjoyed the session tremendously and donated generously in support of the Children's Garden Home in Kenya that provides homecare and education to street children.


10 Nov 2012: "My Generation, My Songs" Charity Concert by Avita, Singapore

Minister Grace Fu was Guest of Honor
Newly promoted Platinum Director Christine Wong with Siu Ling

"My Generation, My Songs 那年,我们爱唱的歌" was a first of its kind charity concert jointly organized by Avita and the People's Association of Singapore. It featured famous local singers from 1950s till the present day, and raised over $150K for Project We Care to help the needy.

And in Nov, we celebrate the promotion of a new Platinum Director in Christine Wong. Congrats!

8 Sep 2012: Avita 5th Anniversary Celebration, Singapore

CEO Ms Lee Xiang Yin
Scent'al Group won the Best Performance Award

Everyone dressed up in sparkling gold for the Avita's 5th Anniversary Celebration held in Singapore HQ, hosted by DP Josephine and Alvin. It was a day of fun, entertainment and lots of golden harvest in the form of awards, prizes and lucky draw. Leaders from HK, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia gathered in Singapore. The "5 Years Look Back" video was especially moving. Scent'al Group won the Best Performance Award with the most hilarious of skit entitled "Gems of Avita".

18 Aug 2012: Avita Team Bonding Day, East Coast Park, Singapore

Scent'al Group
Winning team led by PD Joey

Thanks to Avita company staff who organized this fun-filled Team Bonding Day at the East Coast Park. A total of 6 teams led by PDs compete with one another at the beach. Through teamwork, wits and creativity, Team 3 led by PD Joey became the winning team and team members proudly walked away with a box of Celergen each. Scent'al Group celebrated the finale by dumping DPs Josephine and Alvin into the sea!

1-3 Jul 2012: Platinum Directors' Retreat at Tg Sutera Resort, Malaysia

Scent'al Leadership Group
PD Wai Teng, Theingi, KeSiang and DP Alvin at Tg Sutera Resort

Mid-year was a great time to review and plan forward. Thus, we took a day off to review our performance and discuss individuals' goals and group strategies.

After that, Wai Teng, Theingi, KeSiang and Alvin drove up north to spend a few days of fun amidst nature and by the South China Sea at Tg Sutera Resort.

19 Feb 2012: 1st Batch of A Project Course in 2012, Singapore

A Project English + Chinese
A Project graduates

A Project Course is the first foundational training program for all new distributors. Through 6 sessions plus a day of exam, this course wille quip the new distributors with presentation ability on the Company, Product and Compensation Plan.

Graduates from A Project will embark on their Avita business with poise, confidence and competence. Congrats to our first batch graduates in 2012.

15 Jan 2012: Success Journey Course, Singapore

Success Journey trainers and trainees
Attentive course participants

Success Journey Course (MCC) is an important training program under the Scent'al Success Training System that equips distributors with effective skills to excel in their Avita business.

It was a fun day of experiential learning.

Trainers included: DP Josephine, DP Alvin, PD Siu Ling, PD Theingi and PD Joey.

8 Jan 2012: Avita Supports Project We Care, Istana, Singapore

The Avita team at Istana Singapore
PD Joey showing Minister Lim Swee Say his he-gu acupoint

Avita supported Project We Care held at the Istana, Singapore with a team of trained Meridian 101 Ambassadors.

Project We Care is a social initiative by 40 CEOs, supported by People's Association, to help needy families. President Tony Tan was the guest-of-honor. PD Joey helped Minister Lim Swee Say to experience the benefits of meridian acupressure.


29 Dec 2011: Year End Royale Party, Singapore

Scent'al World family
Royale kids of Avita

In line with the launch of Celergen Serum Royale in 2011, our Year End Party was themed a Royale Night. Everyone dressed up in multi-cultural royalty fashion. Even our children enjoyed a wonderful night of fancy dress!

As we say bye-bye to 2011, we look forward fondly to 2012 for another year of solid teamwork, friendship, success and joy in Avita.

29 Oct 2011: Launch of Celergen Serum Royale at St Regis, Singapore

Avita CEO Lee Xiang Yun addressing the audience
PD Siu Ling, Wai Teng and Theingi holding happily onto their Celergen Serum Royale

The long awaited world launch of the Celergen Serum Royale finally happened on 29 Oct 2011 in Singapore at St Regis Hotel.

Many oversea delegates and Avita distributors and customers joined in the event. It was a memorable day that marked the birth of yet another life-changing product in the Celergen Swiss marine cell therapy line under Avita.

11-20 Aug 2011: 1st Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course in Bangalore, India

Alvin with his 8 M101 Ambassadors in Bangalore
Hands-on practice by M101 Ambassador Trainees

DP Alvin conducted the first Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course in India while on his family's Seva 2011, a one year social sabbatical in India and Africa.

The 8 qualified Meridian 101 Ambassadors are all YES!+ teachers and volunteers with the Art of Living Foundation. The course was held at the AOL Ashram in Bangalore, India.

17-20 Feb 2011: Celergen Marketing in Jakarta, Indonesia

Joey giving Celergen talk at the Ascott Residence Jakarta
Joey, Wai Teng and Alvin with new Celergen customers in Jakarta

This was to be the first of many trips to Jakarta to open up the Celergen market in Indonesia.

Avita is a fun business because we travel, eat and share about Celergen together. It is hardly work if you share good things with others!

Joey, Wai Teng and Alvin had an enjoyable time making many new friends and Celergen customers.

15 Jan 2011: New Distributor Orientation Course, Singapore

About 100 signed up for this course
PD Joey Tan was one of the trainers

New Distributor Orientation (NDO) is an important foundational program to equip new distributors on Avita business know-how and basic skills.

It was a day of learning, friendship and bonding for all present.

Trainers included DP Josephine, DP Alvin and PD Joey from Scent'al World.


27 Nov 2010: Opening of Sity Avita New Showroom in KL, Malaysia

Dato Siti Nurhaliza and CEO Ms Lee at ribbon cutting at mark the opening ceremony
Siti Nurhaliza and Celergen

Malaysia icon and superstar Dato Siti Nurhaliza launches her Avita business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 27 Nov 2010. Avita CEO Ms Lee graced the happy occasion.

“Beauty is a gift from God, but it needs to be constantly nurtured. It is important to take care of yourself from inside out or you’ll age before your time," said Dato Siti.

30 Oct 2010: Avita Awards Nite @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Avita Awards Nite - Living the Dream
Siti Nurhaliza awarding first prize winner with 2 years supply of Celergen

Living the Dream was the theme for the first Avita Awards Nite held at the Marina Bay Sands.

This grand event was attended by distributors and guests from many countries. The grand prize was $10,000 worth of Celergen presented by Malaysia icon Dato Siti Nurhaliza to Suadah Salleh.

10 Aug 2010: Scent'al Group Celebrates Avita Anniversary at Infinia, Singapore

Scent'al Family
Eat and be merry

Pot luck party is always fun because you get to taste all sorts of unusual food.

The Scent'al Family gathered at Infinia Condo on 10 Aug to celebrate together as a group on the 3rd anniversary of Avita. We also celebrated the birthday of Josephine and Monica.

11-14 Jun 2010: Avita Showcase at the LOHAS Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan

avita time on stage
avita exhibition booth

Avita Taiwan was invited to showcase our wellness solutions at the LOHAS Exhibition in Taipei.

Our Taiwan Scent'al team enjoyed 4 days of gainful interaction with potential customers.

Jun 2010: Avita Herbal Aromatherapy featured in Health No. 1 Magazine, Singapore

Health No. 1 Magazine
Joey Tan's interview

PD Joey Tan was interviewed and featured in the June issue of Health No. 1 Magazine.

He shared how Avita bio-aromatherapy and Meridian 101 can help to enhance good health and prevent allergy concerns. Click to read article.

23-28 Feb 2010: Celergen Seminar and Meridian 101 Ambassador Training, Manila

The pioneer batch of Meridian 101 Ambassadors in Manila
Meridian 101 Beauty workshop attracted a full-house audience

DP Alvin Yong and PD Joey Tan spent a week supporting our Scent'al partners in the Manila stock centre and graduated the pioneer batch of M101 Ambassadors in The Philippines.

PD Joey's M101 Beauty workshop attracted a full-house attendance!

29 Jan - 7 Feb 2010: The Art of Meridian Wellness @ Millenia Walk, Singapore

Joey speaking at the Millenia Walk Atrium
Meridian 101 exhibition at Millenia Walk

In collaboration with Millenia Walk, we held a Meridian 101 exhibition and conducted experiential workshops to promote self-healing therapy using Avita range of wellness products.

It was a gainful promotional campaign and a great OJT experience for many newly trained M101 Ambassadors.

26-27 Jan 2010: Ipoh Team Planning Retreat, Port Dickson, Malaysia

View from Corus Paradise Resort in Port Dickson
Ipoh Team led by Moy Fah

It was a wonderful seaside meeting at Port Dickson. The Ipoh team of 9 drove southward from Ipoh and KL, while Alvin took a leisure drive up north from Singapore.

We took the opportunity to do a pre-launch training on the new product - Pure Secrets.


22 & 29 Nov 2009: Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course 7th Batch, Singapore

The 7th batch trainers and trainees
Training in action

The growth of our Meridian 101 team in Singapore ended on a high for the year 2009 with another fresh batch of Ambassador graduates.

This course was directed by PD Joey Tan, assisted by trainers Theingi, Soo Ping and Alvin.

9-13 Nov 2009: Networking & Meridian 101 Facial Reflexology Training in Manila, The Philippines

Networking training in Manila
Organic lunch at Sonya's Secret Garden

DP Alvin Yong conducted 4 days of network building strategy and Meridian 101 for BEAUTY skill training for the Scent'al Team in Manila.

In between, we toured the Sonya's Secret Garden and enjoyed an organic salad lunch there.

10 Aug 2009: Avita 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Singapore

Scent'al Diamond Presidents with CEO
Singapore Conference Hall

Celebrating the Luxury of Youth is the theme for Avita's 2nd Anniversary on 10 Aug 2009 at the Singapore Conference Hall.

It was a memorable event attended by distributors, customers, family and friends from Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. One of the highlights of the celebration was a fantastic action-pack dance performance put up by 40 of our distributors.

23 May 2009: World Launch of Avita CELERGEN, St Regis Singapore

Prof Dr Charles Vodak
St Regis Singapore

This was a historical event when Avita gave birth to CELERGEN, the world's first and only Swiss Marine Cell Therapy Supplement.

Keynote speaker was cell therapy expert Prof/Dr Charles Vodak. It was held at the St Regis Singapore and witnessed by international partners and guests.

25 April 2009: Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course (Singapore 3rd Batch), Singapore

Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course SG 3rd batch
Trainees learnt seriously through having fun

The 3rd batch of Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course was held in Singapore, led by Trainers Alvin Yong, Theingi Soe and Joey Tan.

This is an 18-hour course to train Meridian 101 Ambassadors to expand our teams in Singapore and Malaysia.

25 April 2009: Avita's Got Talents, Singapore

Josephine and Alvin co-hosting
The Magnolia Team from Scent'al

"Avita's Got Talents" was an innovative training and educational program dressed up in a fun experiential format with prizes thrown in. Distributors compete against each other in a healthy and fun competition.

Judges included Avita CEO Ms Lee, R&D Prof Tsai and Prof Lin. The event was hosted by DP Josephine and Alvin.

18 & 19 April 2009: Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course (Malaysia 1st & 2nd Batches), Ipoh & KL, Malaysia

Asst M101 Trainer Theingi
Chief Trainer Alvin Yong

Meridian 101 Chief Trainer DP Alvin Yong conducted the Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course in Ipoh and KL. He was assisted by Meridian 101 Trainer PD Theingi Soe.

These pioneer batches of Meridian 101 Ambassadors will lead the expansion of Meridian 101 in Malaysia.

4-5 April 2009: Invincible Strategies for Success Course, Singapore

Invincible Strategies for Success Course
Life-long friends Janet Foo and Chun Moy Fah

Members of Scent'al Group from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia attended the 2-day course "Invincible Strategies for Success" led by Master Hong in Singapore.

Success is about personal breakthroughs, and team work and spirits.

6-9 February 2009: Training, Networking and Fun at Avita Ipoh, Malaysia

"A Life of No Limits" training by Alvin Yong
Hands-on practice of guasha technique

The Scent'al Team in Ipoh gathered excitedly to plan and prepare for the year's challenges, led by DP Alvin Yong.

Alvin also conducted a self-realization training "A Life with No Limits" on 8 Feb.

Of course, we always enjoy good food in Ipoh.

7 February 2009: Record Turnout Meridian 101 Workshop at Avita Singapore

Meridian 101 Workshop by Chong Soo Ping and Joey Tan
Hands-on practice of guasha technique

We held our biggest Meridian 101 workshop in Avita Singapore, led by Meridian 101 speakers PDs Chong Soo Ping and Joey Tan. We had an audience of 130.

Everyone enjoyed hands-on learning of acupressure massage and the benefits of Avita herbal essential oil application.


2 Nov 2008: "Secret of Happiness" Training in Singapore

Secret of Happiness
Secret of Happiness

The pursuit of success is an 'inside job'.

200 distributors attended a personal transformation training program entitled "Secret of Happiness" conducted by Spiritual Ocean.

We all gained important inner clarity of self and ingredients for happiness.

12 Oct 2008: Opening of Avita Stock Centre in Ipoh, Malaysia

Scent'al Diamond Presidents in Ipoh
Opening ceremony

It was a joyous weekend of celebration and friendship at the opening of Avita stock centre in Ipoh, managed by PD Chun Moy Fah.

The happy occasion was graced by Guest-of-Honor Y.B. Nolee, Adun Tualang Sekah. The Scent'al team from Singapore travelled to Ipoh to join in the fun.

23 Aug 2008: Avita Family Interactive Gathering, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ipoh and KL teams
New Gold Associates in KL

The joyous mood of Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration arrived at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event attracted a strong turnout of over 200 distributors, customers and guests.

DP Alvin Yong was invited to give the opening and closing address.

11 Aug 2008: Avita Global Leaders' Summit, Singapore

Avita Global Leaders' Summit
Avita team building fun

Avita's leaders from Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore gathered for a 1-day team building fun as well as getting to know each other.

The day's program was led by DP Alvin Yong and co-hosted by DP Josephine Chang.

10 Aug 2008: Avita Celebrates 1st Anniversary in Singapore

Avita turns ONE!
Scent'al Family

Avita's 1st Anniversary Celebration was entitled "One World, One Dream" and it was held at the Singapore Conference Hall.

We enjoyed a tremendous turnout of distributors, customers and friends from Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.

1 Aug 2008: Avita Celebrates Singapore National Day

Avita and the Swissotel, Singapore

Avita is proud to be the Principal Sponsor of Singapore's National Day Parade 2008.

NDP 2008

Avita and Marina Mandarin Singapore

10-13 Jul 2008: Leaders' Training and Biz 101 Success Journey in Ipoh, Malaysia

Opportunity Presentation by Alvin Yong at Ipoh
Leaders' Training by Alvin Yong in Ipoh

Scent'al World places education and training at a high priority.

DP Alvin Yong spent 4 gainful days in Ipoh, Malaysia and conducted Opportunity Talk, Leaders' Training and Business 101: Success Journey for a spirited group of Scent'al distributors there led by PD Chun Moy Fah.

7-11 Mar 2008: Product & Business Training for Scent'al Distributors in Tokyo, Japan

Scent'al distributor training in Japan
Interactive and experiential learning

The learning spirit in Japan is infectious!

DP Josephine Chang spent 5 days in Tokyo to conduct a series of training to pass on critical product knowledge and business know-how to our Scent'al distributors in Japan.

Thanks to DP Xiao Meng who provided the translation from Mandarin to Japanese.

1-2 Mar 2008: Avita Gold Leadership Program, Singapore

Gold Leadership Program
Scent'al Group distributors

Scent'al distributors from Singapore and Malaysia attended the 2-day Gold Leadership Program held at Avita Singapore.

Gold Leadership is an experiential learning program that equips Avita distributors with business knowledge and skills, goal setting and action planning skills.

23 Feb 2008: Opening of Avita Showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Scent'al Distributors from Malaysia and Singapore
Team from Scent'al Singapore

Malaysia, here Avita comes!

Scent'al distributors and customers gathered in KL for the opening of the Avita KL showroom in Malaysia. Avita's R&D director Professor Tsai also gave a talk to share valuable product knowledge with all present.


18 Nov 2007: Scent'al Supports the Active Aging Movement in Singapore

The Scent'al team at the Active Aging Carnival
Jolynn helping a guest experienced the benefits of guasha

Scent'al World was invited to participate in the Singapore Active Aging Carnival to introduce natural wellness and meridian acupressure massage therapy to senior citizens and families to promote healthy active aging.

We showcased Meridian 101 Therapy with Avita herbal essential oils, to the delight of many guests.

5 Nov 2007: Opening of Avita Showroom in Taipei, Taiwan

Opening of avita Taiwan showroom
avita CEO with Taiwan distributors

Taiwan, here Avita comes!

The opening of Avita's Taiwan showroom was a milestone development and marked the first of many regional offices and showrooms to be launched outside of HQ Singapore.

10 Aug 2007: Inauguration Launch of Avita in Singapore

The inauguration of Avita on 10 Aug 2007
avita dances to the NDP song "Will You"

It was an historical evening for Avita as distributors and guests from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan and Singapore attended the Inauguration of Avita at the Raffles City Convention Centre in Singapore.

Our own dancers performed the Singapore's National Day Song "Will You". Avita was the principal sponsor for NDP 2007.

4 Aug 2007: Soft Launch of Avita Showroom and Stock Centre in Singapore

Soft Launch of AVITA Showroom, 4 Aug 2007
AVITA Showroom Soft Launch

Scent'al World hosted the soft launch of our newly opened Avita Showroom at Commonwealth Drive, Singapore.

It was a wonderful event as distributors, customers and families gathered in celebration and enjoyed the demo of numerous newly launched Avita wellness products.



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