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Scent'al Yes!avita Network Marketing Opportunity offers YOU a chance to ride the fast growing trend of the wellness industry and create an enterprise that provides you with Residual Income, Flexible Working Hours, Team Leverage, and Helping Others.

Network marketing or Multi-level Marketing is a system for distributing goods and services to the end consumers through a network of distributors. Innovative products require education so word of mouth marketing is the best channel for Avita products to reach far and wide in the marketplace.

Every Avita distributor enjoys equal rights to further 'franchise' the business opportunity to his/her own network of friends to create his/her own downline teams of distributors. A fair compensation plan ensures that all distributors get commission from multiple levels of their downline distributors based on sale volumes. This motivates every distributor to organize and support his own downline network into high performance teams.



As a distributor, when you promote Avita wellness products and make a retail sale to your customer, you generate RETAIL PROFIT. This is the first type of income component in your Avita business.

The avita Compensation Plan also allows you to 'franchise' the distribution rights to your friends and thus empowers you to build a downline team of distributors, of unlimited generation deep. When your downline organization of distributors and customers make purchases, you'll earn NETWORK COMMISSIONS based on the sales generated. This is your second income component.

Exponential Growth in avitaWe will coach you to personally develop your personal customer base and build a team of downline distributors whom you would work closely with as business partners. If you talent hunt just 6 downline distributors and develop just 20 customers, and each of your downline distributors does just the same, by the 4th generation, you would own a network of over 1500 distributors and over 5000 customers. In Avita business, you have the possibility to achieve this and more. Every distributor enjoys the same opportunity and together we create and enjoy leverage collectively.

As you help your downline distributors to become self-sufficient and be able to develop and grow their respective downline teams, you will own an organization that has a life of its own. Then you'll experience the magic of having "a lot of people, each doing a little". That is when you truly live the joy of owning your own network marketing organization and enjoy multiple sources of residual income from your Avita business. It's certainly a compressed way to plan for retirement!

The Avita compensation plan does not discriminate anyone. It pays all distributors based on the same formula regardless of paper qualification, job experience, age, gender or race. This is why it's known as the fairest of free enterprise because you truly earn your fair share based on the performance of you and your downline organization in generating sales, worldwide.

Avita also does not limit you from expanding into any country or market, including new ones, as long as you and your team are enterprising and resourceful enough to handle the challenge. You therefore stand to profit hugely from the first market mover advantage.

The key advantages of the avita compensation plan are:

  • Avita CompensationHigh payout: retail profit 20% over retail price & network commission 60% on point values.
  • Multiple bonuses: differential bonus + generation bonus + performance bonus + global bonus.
  • No compulsory monthly sale quota.
  • No back-to-zero of monthly sale volumes.
  • No demotion of rank status.
  • No breakaway of downline groups from you.
  • Internationally-linked sponsorship.

There are 7 ranks in the avita distribution network structure:

VIP Consumer
Silver Associate
Gold Associate
Platinum Director
Diamond President
Pearl Ambassador
Crown Ambassador
  • VIP is the starting consumer membership with 20% discount off retail price.
  • Gold Associate is the standard business start-up position, and enjoys generation bonus up to 7 levels deep. His aim is to build towards becoming a Platinum Director rank soonest.
  • Platinum Director is the first unnamed shareholder position to enjoy global revenue sharing bonus. Given the same network size and sale volume, a PD earns about double that of a GA.
  • Diamond President is akin to running a regional multi-country distribution network and enjoys 4 types of generation bonuses.
  • Pearl/Crown Ambassadors are leaders of global distributor networks and enjoys 4 types of generation and global bonuses.

While the Compensation Plan determines how much commission you earn from your network and how fairly you are compensated based on the efforts of you and your team, the most critical success factor in network marketing is the TRAINING & SUPPORT. This is the reason why many successful network marketing gurus called this truly a career in education and leadership development, instead of a sales career.

We know from experience that the key to growing your network organization wide and deep is through developing competent, motivated and self-sufficient leaders. That's why we are committed to helping you to become the best that you can be, through our training and support known as the Scent'al Success Training System.


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Joey Tan, a professional civil engineer:

“After reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books by Robert Kiyosaki in year 2001, especially Cashflow Quadrant and The Business School, I was bitten by the entrepreneur bug. I started trying my hands on retailing, conventional trading as well as corporate gifts businesses while juggling with my full time job. When I had the chance to evaluate the avita network marketing opportunity in detail, I began to appreciate its advantages over a traditional business. In 2012, I left my job as a Vice-President in a multi-national consultancy firm to get out of the corporate rat race. I'll build my avita business into an international enterprise. I dream to live life abundantly and share the goodness that I'm learning from my mentors in avita. I aspire to inspire with passion, gratitude and peace at heart to empower others who share the same aspirations. "

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Theingi Soe:

"I've always dreamt of owning a business that would make a positive impact on people around the world. In 2004, I started in network marketing and discovered how it could allow me to learn and earn at the same time. I used to be someone who was timid and low in self-confidence; today I'm a confident speaker and trainer. I'm grateful to many mentors from Scent'al World who have guided me in my journey of learning and growth. I am now passionately sharing my knowledge and empowering others through my workshops and trainings together with my team. I aspire to be that guiding star that shines upon people with dreams that are waiting to be accomplished. I strongly believe that as long as there is a desire and a persistent and committed heart, anything is possible. To me, avita is a platform, a stage where ordinary people like me, can become someone special. To live a life of motivating others and empowering an international audience is what I am working towards now together with my team in avita."

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