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Scent'al World is a Coaching Organization that follows the Learn-Do-Teach-Duplicate model. A coaching organization is defined as one that creates an environment in which everyone is learning, teaching and being taught, coaching and being coached.

At Scent'al World, our focus is on developing Coaching Entrepreneurs who are not only effective personally as Distributors, but who are competent Teachers who help others to be effective, and also inspirational Coaches who mentor others into becoming coaching entrepreneurs.



Learn: you start learning with the help of our Scent'al Success Manual/CD/DVDs/websites, attending training seminar, courses, and by observing your seniors.

Do: putting into practice what you learnt is the only way to start getting results. Your upline seniors will support you on-the-job. With more doing, you will only get better and your confidence will grow. That is the way to becoming effective as a distributor.

Teach: teaching your downline team members the same ways that helped you become a confident and effective distributor is the way to multiply yourself. You will start to enjoy the magic of Leverage.

Duplicate: duplicating the training system and coaching culture of Scent'al World amongst your teams across the world is how you create a global network of self-sustaining and self-growing enterprises that stand the test of time.



Level 1 is Personal Effectiveness

When you grasp foundational product knowledge, business know-how and skills, you would quite easily begin to create values in the marketplace, build a customer base and start enjoying retail income.

Level 1 courses include: New Distributor Orientation (NDO), Networker Basic Course (NBC), A Project Course, Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course.

Level 2 is Team Effectiveness

When you learn how to spot talents and present the avita opportunity, you would recruit and build up a team of like-minded partners who all aspire to greater success. As a team leader, you would develop your skills in motivating and educating others. As a coaching organization, we practise Education and Mentorship in place of managing and controlling. When you excel as an effective coaching leader, you could grow your team into thousands and tens of thousand strong.

Level 2 courses include: Soaring Eagles Course, Elite Leadership Course, Speaker's Training Course


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Scent'al Training in a Glance

48 Hour Getting Started
- Getting started on a right footing is crucial for eventual success. This session with your Upline Sponsor will help you establish a clear goal and evolve a definite action plan for your first 6-12 months in your avita business.

A Project Course
- This foundational course will equip you with the knowledge of the Company, Products and Compensation Plan, and more importantly, the ability to present the info in a confident manner to anyone.

Networkers Basic Course
- This course will equip you with the business know-how and skill to be effective in your avita business. You will learn how to work effectively with your team, and that is mighty fun.

Meridian 101 Ambassador Mastery Course
- This 18-hour program will qualify you to work with our Meridian 101 Team as a Meridian 101 Ambassador. For more info, visit

Elite Leadership Course
- This is a advanced level personal development course to groom distributors into effective team leaders.

Empower Nite
- Our weekly distributor meeting and training session held on every Tuesday evening 7.30-10pm at Scent'al HQ in Singapore.

Reading Club
- Continuous learning through reading is our culture. We hold a book review and learning session on every 2nd Tuesday of the month.




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