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by Diamond President Pauline Lim

We are grateful to this wonderful group of friends and associates in Scent'al Group headed by our oldest friends in avita, Pearl Ambassadors Josephine Chang and Alvin Yong.

We had evolved from ordinary folks who went about our day-to-day lives to empowered leaders living a purpose-driven, goal-oriented lives with better control of our direction to design our desired lifestyle and to help others achieve their dreams and goals.

The personal development side of network Marketing is our favourite part. We see so many people, especially women, gain in confidence and self-esteem. As their belief in themselves grow they can make decisions which improve their lifestyle and those living around them. Just to know that we did play a small part in their lives to make a difference for them is the greatest fulfillment for us from the avita business.

avita has given us a wonderful lifestyle. The freedom we enjoy and the time we spend with our family and grandchildren would be non-existent if we had still been running our traditional business. There are not many other businesses that can provide you the residual income and also the luxury of taking time off whever you choose to like this business can.

The time for Network Marketing is NOW. This industry is booming. With the significant rise in professionals entering this industry Network Marketing is fast moving into a new era evolving into a highly regarded and respected "New Profession". It boils down to making a choice... to go for it.


by Pearl Ambassador Alvin Yong

I’ve come to realize that the real power behind avita is not the product or the business model, it is the People. It’s the passion, courage, commitment, persistence and the spirit in the people, those who step forward to lead and take risk, in a never-say-die manner, that truly counted. We have been fortunate to have a few of these warriors, from the CEO to the staff and distributors, who persevered steadfastly through avita’s first 10 years to bring our business onto orbit. It’ll be these same virtues that will soar us into higher sky in the next 10 years. As avita matures as an enterprise, it is critical for these pioneer warriors not to become complacent but to stay focused, hungry and willing to empower more warriors to emerge and shine.

I’m immensely grateful to avita for growing me into a better person, for creating a fertile platform to build my network enterprise which provides for a joyful lifestyle filled with richness today. The top 3 richness I count as blessings are: Friends, Financial and Time Flexibility.

Friends. People come and go in our life. But those who stick together to build something up of worthiness and value, cry and laugh through hard times and happy moments, grow and mature together, are rare and precious friends to behold for life. I found many such friends here in avita among my uplines, downlines, sidelines, staff and customers.

Financial. It’s not difficult to make money, there are countless ways to do so. But it’s not easy to chance upon a way to enjoy having income growing with lesser effort. The avita MLM formula makes it possible for me to establish multiple sources of passive income across multiple regional markets. I’ve no addiction to money, but the financial ability I enjoy today certainly allows me to spend, invest and give with a huge margin of comfort and ease.

Time Flexibility. I love living like the wind with freedom. Freedom needs 3 ingredients: time, money and dreams. I’m never short on dreams; I have more dreams to fulfill in 10 lifetimes! It took me months to learn the MLM trade but once I’d gotten the grounding, building the avita network enterprise became a fun entrepreneurial adventure. Being entrepreneurial means combining creativity, boldness and speed in an agile fashion. There is a high degree of freedom in the business building process, and that’s fun. As the network grew into higher orbits, with more downline leaders capable of leading their own teams, time flexibility started becoming a reality. That’s a dream come true for any entrepreneur who is willing to work hard to build up a system and have talented people share out the work and, also share out the return. That’s a great formula to live a life of freedom.


by Diamond President Theingi Soe

I was born with short limbs with a normal body and at the age of 8, I realized I would not grow taller. It was devastating and difficult for me. However, i was very blessed to have my wonderful family and friends who embraced my difference and protected me. They are my safe haven when society was harsh to me.

I have always wanted to make a positive impact on others and to be an inspiration for others. My aspirations when young were diverse. I aspired to be a doctor, a teacher, an immigration officer, a businesswoman who is a philanthropist and helping the society. I ended up working as an accounts executive for the first 5 years of my working life and the work was unchallenging and I was not getting a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

In 2007, I was introduced to avita network marketing. It was an amazing experience for me. I love the people and the inspiring environment which constantly challenges me to excel. I want to be part of this exciting venture. And T was immediately accepted into the avita family without judgement or bias.

I diligently attended all the training and development courses that avita organises for character development, skills enhancement and knowledge progression. I am also blessed with great mentors from avita, our beloved CEO Ms Lee, all my uplines and business associates who have made a huge impact on my growth in avita. My business has now expanded from Singapore to Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. To me, avita is a platform that offers an equal opportunity for everyone with dreams, aspirations, desires and the willingness to work hard.


by Diamond President Joey Tan

My lifelong dream is to be a motivational leader, inspiring people and showing them that there is a better alternative to just a life of working, climbing up the corporate race and managing the financial and emotional burdens of our family.

Avita provides the perfect opportunity for me to blossom into an entrepreneur and motivational leader. To me, this is a priceless opportunity. I have grown tremendously from a typical professional engineer (my last job as a VP in a MNC) to an inspiring leader equipped with diverse range of communication and leadership competencies.

Although I have achieved success during this journey, my aspirations remain the same. I believe in being discipline where my work is concerned and I still appreciate the simple things in life. I am grateful for the financial freedom and time I now enjoy with my family and more importantly, the means and ability to help others achieve a life of no limits.

I want to encourage a lot more of my leaders to grow and to increase their incomes significantly within the next 5 years. It is important to work out measureable goals to excel. I am very happy to be able top play a part in my avita teams, helping each of the leaders to continue to inspire their people down the lines.

To quote Vincent van Gogh: "Your profession is not what brings home your pay check. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling." This is the value and principle that I always hold close to my heart.


by Diamond President Chong Pheng

I have never imagined doing an MLM (multi-level marketing) business. A decade ago, I didn’t have any MLM experience but rejected the whole industry based on what I heard. I started “normal” businesses and while some were successful, most were not, and none of them were self-sustaining, i.e., if I weren’t doing it, then it wouldn’t work. I ended up working harder than those few people I employed, because it was my business.

After 7 to 8 years, I was considering going back to being an employee. It was then that an old friend introduced the avita business to me. I decided to be open-minded and was surprised to find that the business model made sense, because the company is reliable, the products meet a large and growing market demand and the compensation meets my needs. All I need to do is to conduct it professionally just like any other business. What is better is I am able to provide the same opportunity to others and build a network of business owners to create a self-sustaining business in the long term.

Today, I have already seen the value this business has brought to me, my customers and my business partners. I am grateful for the chance to be a network leader in this professional avita network enterprise that spans across Asia.


by Platinum Director Ho Ee Kid

My life had always been filled with all sorts of adventure. Having served more than 10 years as president of the Singapore Adventurers’ Club, I was given the chance to organize and participate in all sorts of outdoor adventurous & social activities. Combining this with more than 25 years of corporate experience plus my strong interest in natural wellness, it had awaken the desire in me to be an entrepreneur someday including being a social entrepreneur like my good friend and mentor, Alvin. That dream had seemed far fetched until Alvin introduced the avita business platform to me.

This platform now enables me to channel my years of corporate experience to a new adventure in wellness. Not only has this platform enabled me to change many lives by improving people’s health, it had also enabled me to attract like-minded corporate professionals who too have dreams of their own to fulfil. Together with these like-minded friends, I am happy to be able to scale new summits of wellness with each of them and helping them to develop and seeing their dreams achieved. This journey had been extremely satisfying as not only do I see myself developing from many different aspects, it also enabled me to be able to make a difference in somebody’s life. The satisfaction of seeing them uncover their hidden talents and developing their full potential is something that money can’t buy. I too look forward to the day when I transit out to be a full time wellness entrepreneur and scale many more new adventures in wellness.



Tan Koh Siang陈可香, Johor, Malaysia

一开始加入 Avita,纯粹是为了钱。非常棒的奖金制度,让我看到了炒老板鱿鱼的希望,也让我重新拾起我大学时,想要35岁退休的梦想!在 Avita 最大的收获,不只是重新拾回了梦想,拾回了动力,更重要的是认识了一班最棒的战友及家人,一起欢笑,一起哭泣,一起成长,一起成功!不是自己一个人盲目摸索,不是自己一个人跌跌撞撞。失败的时候有人依靠,成功的时候有人分享,彷徨的时候有人指引,坚持的时候有人相信!这就是我在 Avita,在 Scent'al World 最大的得到! 如今,正在积极开发新山的 Avita 市场。如果不久的将来,你在新山看见有人拿着 Avita 的环保袋,不要惊讶。



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